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32 Unexpected Beauty Hacks You'll Wish You'd Known About Sooner

Zero coconut oil hacks. Promise!

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We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite beauty hacks you haven't already heard a million times before. Here are their tried-and-true recommendations:

1. Curl eyelashes while you sleep with an eye mask.

"I have very long natural eyelashes that grow straight out. I use a sleeping mask over my eyes at night and if I position my lashes so they’re pressed up against my eyelids when I sleep, the curl becomes almost permanent and my eyelash growth has pretty much changed direction!" —lookaheadtotomorrow

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2. Halt an oozing zit with a swipe of antiperspirant.

"Swipe a stick of antiperspirant over it. It will stop the yuck from oozing out. Just be sure to clean thoroughly later." —Tracy Adams Messenger, Facebook

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3. And guard against underboob sweat — and the painful rashes that result from it — with antiperspirant.

Zomba Recording LLC. / Via

"I use it on my pits every day anyway, so I now swipe under each boob and in between them as well. Voila! No more rashes, discomfort, or pain." —Michelle Gazzard, Facebook

4. Apply eyeshadow primer to ~especially~ oily areas of your face for a flawless finish.

"If you have areas that your makeup comes off during the day, prime your face as normal except for those areas — in these areas use an eyeshadow primer instead of normal primer. Then when you're doing your foundation, leave these areas until last, using less product than normal to avoid a caked face. This works really well in my T zone!" —maddisonk4ffd06283

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5. Make lip color pop with a dusting of powder highlighter.

"I usually start in the middle and fade out." —hevb2

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6. Warm up your eye makeup with your ~other~ assets.

"Stick your eyebrow pencil, eyeliner pencil, and mascara in your bra while you do the rest of your makeup. The pencils go on smoother and with more intense pigment when you warm them up, and the mascara won’t clump." —julz98

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7. Use Vaseline as a nail multitasker.

New Line Cinema

"Applying Vaseline around the nail base prevents hangnails and mistakes when varnishing." —niccupryk

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8. And use it as a soothing eye-makeup remover.

"Use Vaseline to remove ANY eye makeup. It smears right off and doesn’t give you that irritating dry feel around your eyes." —singhmanasi21

9. Keep a salon job vivid in between seshes with semipermanent color.

Interscope Records

"For making my purple hair last longer between salon visits, I buy a semipermanent dye in my color and mix it into my conditioner and into my weekly hair mask. Even two months after my dye job, my hair looks soooo vibrant! It even dyes my roots for me, because I’m naturally blonde!" —rachellea4c62156b6

Get a 3.5-ounce jar of semipermanent hair color from Amazon for $6.73 (available in 13 colors).

10. Treat zits overnight with Prid Drawing Salve.

"Get rid of deep, painful planets on your face basically overnight." —tarah7

Get it from Amazon for $8.02.

11. Apply false eyelashes UNDERNEATH your natural lashes.

"You don’t even feel that you’re wearing them and they are way easier to apply this way. Plus, it looks 100% natural because there is no false lash band on your eyelid." —taraautumn

Get three pairs of false eyelashes from Amazon for $2.39.

12. Set makeup with powdered sunscreen.

"You can also mix it with a regular loose powder that's too dark for very pale skin tones and it will make it lighter." —jessb4893ea94c

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13. Set mineral foundation with a spritz of plain ol' H20.

Touchstone Television

"Reapply powder and then spritz again if you need better coverage." —Yolanda DeRose, Facebook

Get a pack of three fine-mist spray bottles from Amazon for $4.10.

14. Prime foundation with anti-chafing gel.

"My makeup stays looking good all day and it’s a dupe for more expensive silicone-based primers, as well." —heathery7

Get a three-pack from Amazon for $20.99.

15. Tint your brows with a box of Just for Men for beards and mustaches.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)

"It’s cheaper than getting your brows done once, and has about half a dozen applications!" —natasham12

Get it from Amazon for $9.94.

16. And condition those brows in the shower with the same stuff you use on your hair.

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

"It makes all the difference for my crazy, old-lady eyebrow hairs." —Catherine Dessaur, Facebook

17. Keep a powdered face looking natural with MAC’s Prep & Prime Fix+.

"Spray Fix+ on face as usual, let sit 'til ~almost~ dry, then take a Beautyblender or sponge and tap-tap-tap all over. It makes that powdery mess look flat and natural AF." —osiannac

Get a 3.4-ounce bottle from MAC or Nordstrom for $26.

18. Replace half of the stuff in your beauty routine with rosewater.

"Mix with a bit of oil to remove makeup. Use on its own as a toner. Use as a spray for setting or refreshing makeup. Keep in the fridge in summer as a cooling spray. Sprinkle on pillows for a sweet sleep scent. Massage into the scalp for strengthening roots. Mix into lotion to make a perfumed lotion." —gayatrig

Get an 8-ounce bottle from Amazon for $5.93.

19. Bake your makeup with talc instead of a face powder.

"It’s super fine, great for sensitive skin, cheap, and lasts forever!" —hbfb

Get a two-pack from from Amazon for $12.50.

20. Skip the shaving gel and use conditioner instead.

Nickelodeon Animation Studios


Shave like normal. This is especially great for — ahem — down there.

21. Prime with white eyeliner to really make your eyeshadow color count.

"Blend some white eyeliner over your eyelid to help the pigment of your eyeshadow really pop." —Gemma

Get it from Amazon for $4.99.

22. Make a custom whitening tray with an old clear retainer.

Paramount Pictures

"If you have had braces and they have given you a clear retainer before your new one, you could use it as a custom-made teeth whitening tray." —squishy313

23. Spot-treat acne with tea tree oil.

"Dousing your face in a product that says ‘may contain tea tree oil’ will probably help very little. If a pimple suddenly sprouts, use a cotton bud with a spritz of tea tree oil on it and overnight it’ll be gone." —louises48af32a2e

Get it from Amazon for $6.99.

24. Whip up a smoothing body scrub with brown sugar and olive oil.


"Mix granulated brown sugar with just enough olive oil to make a thick, gritty paste (like wet sand). Just don't get any water in the paste before applying, as the sugar will dissolve! (The dissolving does make it easy to rinse off your body, though!) Oh, and don’t scrub *too* hard. I don’t know how well this keeps, as I make it fresh every time since it’s so quick." —kitkitsune

25. Control oil and dry out body acne with toner.


Get an 8-ounce bottle from Amazon for $7.47.

26. Wet brows before filling them in to make pencil stick better.

Epic Records

"Wetting down your eyebrows before using a room-temp eyebrow pencil will help it to go on quicker. It also helps you to not use as much, which means you won’t have so much to take off if you make a mistake." —Jester and Sly

27. Annihilate razor bumps with aspirin paste.

"Crush aspirin into a powder and mix it with water to form a paste. Next, smooth the solution onto razor bumps and leave the solution on for around 15 minutes. No more bumps!" —megs5280

Get a 100-tablet of uncoated aspirin from Amazon for $4.64.

28. Erase mascara mistakes with sponge-tip eyeshadow applicators.

MTV Networks

"They are sturdier and more precise than cotton swabs." —dottieb

Get a 100-pack of applicators from Amazon for $7.99.

29. Instead of dusting off excess post-baking powder, blend it in with a sponge.

"Instead of brushing away the excess translucent powder next time, melt it back into the skin using a damp Beautyblender for a full flawless finish with minimal flashback from camera flash." —kellyt478c95921

Get it from Amazon for $20.

30. Remove makeup with unscented baby wipes.

"Way less expensive and it does the trick." —unicornsandbutterflies

Get a pack of 720 wipes from Amazon for $17.49.

31. Fluff up limp hair in the shower with apple cider vinegar.

"Dampen your hair before you shower and then brush apple cider vinegar into it. Wait about 15 minutes, then wash and rinse it out in the shower. Your hair will be super soft and fluffy." —melissab0017

PS: The raw, unfiltered kind is best for beauty stuff.

Get a 32-ounce bottle from Amazon for $12.34.

32. (Occasionally) add baking soda to your shampoo to remove product buildup and pump up the volume.

The Jim Henson Company

"I use baking soda with shampoo when I want to add extra body to my hair for special occasions. The volume will last for days." —nessymelmel2010

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