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    Amazon Devices Are On Major Sale Now, So Act Accordingly

    Offload some of the household chores to these lil' guys (are all available for *major* discounts right now).

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    There comes a time in one's life when it's apparent one must act now! I'm not trying to be dramatic (lies, I am!) but now's the time where you should click *add to cart* on that Amazon device you've been mulling over since summer.

    Touchstone Television

    Here are the deals on ones that are totally worth your money:

    *ONLY* $0.99 for an Echo Dot (third generation) + 1 month of Amazon Music for $9.99!!! so you can finally give Amazon's popular smart speaker a go for everyday tasks *and* keep the music pumping throughout your home.


    Promising review: "I had no idea I'd love Alexa so much. I wake up in the morning and she does the routine I've set up, and she's so comforting and useful and fun overall. My husband and I played Skills trivia games for hours last night. If we had kids it would be even more super useful (kids workouts, stories, games), we even had a goodnight story read to us by Alexa and it was awesome. I'm really loving it. The Echo Dot itself is pretty great. The sound quality is pretty good, the bass when turned up is not that great, but if you really want to rock out you can connect it to other speakers or just use something else instead. I'm really surprised by how much I like the Alexa app (and the Echo Dot), because I'm a little resistant to technology, but it's pretty easy to figure out and feels like a new little buddy in the home. I'm excited to get some SmartHome stuff now so I can turn on/off lights, heat, etc. The only tiny issue I have is that for some reason Alexa doesn't pick up my husband's voice as much as it does mine — maybe because I've used it more? Really cool, though, overall — I feel like Judy Jetson!" —Leah

    Price: $0.99 (originally $49.99; available in four colors)

    27% off an Insignia 24" Fire TV Edition Smart TV to help embody the convenience of soo many Amazon devices that'll help you get on the same page with your reality TV–loving friends who keep bringing up Love Island in the group chat. Quit dodging spoilers!

    This has 720p picture quality with deep blacks and rich colors. With the Fire TV experience built-in, enjoy 10,000+ channels, apps, and Alexa skills, including Disney+, Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Hulu, HBO, SHOWTIME, STARZ, and more. *And* you can control it with your voice with Alexa and an included voice remote.

    Promising review: "Setup was very easy since we have an Amazon Prime account. Very happy with the picture and sound given the low cost. Installed it in the bedroom. Wi-Fi connected quickly and easily to the router. Ran the updates and good to go now. All my Fire TV apps were loaded and ready to go. We previously had a Sharp 32" and wanted something a little bigger for the bedroom. Remote works well but they moved some of the functions around compared to the old Fire TV remote so I have to get used to the new one. Before we had the Fire TV box and now Fire TV is built into the TV. Makes installation cleaner with just the power cord. The colors look good out of the box but I turned down the backlight a little since it was a bit too bright for the bedroom. I was a bit concerned about the Insignia brand being Best Buy's own brand and not a major brand like Sony or Samsung, but it has so far surprised me with its quality." —Steve L

    Price: $99.99 (originally $150)

    Or 43% off a Kid's Echo Dot complete with parental controls so your kiddos can hear approved music and stories, and call a list of people you've OK'd. Story time with Grandma who lives 2000 miles away? Yes plz.


    Promising review: "This thing is amazing. Alexa reads books, plays kid's dance music, plays games, etc. Everything is kid-friendly, especially the content! In the words of my 2-year-old 'Alexa is awesome!'" —Katryna Moran

    Price: $39.99 (originally $69.99)

    26% off a Ring peephole cam and rechargeable battery pack to help in the ongoing battle of making sure that your neighborhood package thieves aren't making away with your loot., Amazon

    Promising review: "We live in a third floor apartment with a door facing an exterior breezeway and this camera was just what we needed for security. Our front door is the only entry or exit for our apartment so we now have a 30 second video record of every entry and exit plus anyone approaching or even walking past our door. The $3 per month fee is well worth the price. Video quality is great during the day or night (see photos), and we can view from our phones or on our TV with our Fire TV stick. It also sounds a chime on our Echo Dot when anyone rings the door bell or knocks on our door." —Josh B

    Price: $169 (originally $228)

    33% off an Echo Show 5 with a Wyze camera that can serve as your personal assistant for checking in on the nursery, adjusting thermostats, controlling lights, and more.

    Promising review: "I have been using Alexa devices for some years now and thought it was time to update. So I sold my Echo Spot and Echo Show 1st Gen on eBay and bought two of these little beauties. I use them to talk to family, stream SirriusXM, manage by home lighting (Phillips Hue) and a host of other things (time, weather, flight departure, and arrival details, etc.). I think these are the perfect size. Better sharp than the Spot for video chat and better size than the Show for placement in the home (not too obvious — digital clock size). They took minutes to setup and I’m very happy with them." —Rob Sunny Las Vegas

    Price: $59.99 (originally $115.97)

    40% off a Kid's Fire 7 Tablet with a warranty that lets you replace it if it breaks because eventually everything breaks with kids and you should prepare accordingly.


    Promising review: "My great niece has been playing games and having fun with this thing from day one. She wakes up saying 'Is my tablet charged?' It keeps her occupied so I can get other things done. She spends a lot of her Monday through Fridays with me since school is out and her parents work. She doesn't go to kindergarten until this fall, so this tablet is a must. There are several learning games with the package that she has been enthusiastically playing. All preschoolers should have one." —railmom25

    Price: $59.99 (originally $99.99; available in three colors)

    20% off an Echo Flex plug-in smart speaker with Alexa so you can reap the benefits of your fave voice assistant in a room that's been out of hearing distance 'til now.


    Promising review: " So I wanted this for two reasons. One to have a night light in my bathroom that would go on at sunset and off at sunrise, and the other so I can ask what the weather/traffic/news is for the day from Alexa with a quieter Alexa voice responding (regular Alexa in whisper mode was too quiet with running water and other morning routine noises.) This fit the bill for me. I'm very happy with this purchase. I've added a pic of the night light and a short video of it talking." —BJB

    Price: $19.99 (originally $24.99)

    25% off a Blink XT2 indoor/outdoor security camera with cloud storage so you can monitor stuff as you'd like while you should be working through your inbox at work but you'd much rather watch your dog snooze.


    Promising review: "I am the envy of my circle of friends with this power system. No wires! No complicated setup! Extremely easy installation and setup with the app on my phone and Fire Stick. I tell Alexa to show me a camera, it displays on the TV. When I tell her to stop the Fire Stick resumes my previous viewing activity. How awesome is that?!" —Frank Price

    Price: $134.99 (originally $179.99; available in kits with multiple cameras)

    24% off an eero wireless Wi-Fi system that'll cover your whole castle so you can read on your tablet in bed while the kids cast Disney+ downstairs.


    Promising review: "My family just moved into a just under 5000 sq. ft. house. Prior to this we had a 2000 sq. ft. house and a Linksys system with two extenders. The Linksys system wasn't cutting it at our new abode. A work friend suggested Eero. I was a little taken a back by the price if the pro system. But saw that Eero was introducing another system at a lower cost. We popped for it and we're not disappointed. Setup took 20 minutes to set up the three. Two of the three we had to manually type in two of the serial numbers as they were not recognized. But that was not a big deal. The system increased my Wi-Fi coverage and strength by 50% or so. Well worth the investment." —Amazon Customer

    Price: $189.99 (originally $249)

    You once you've placed your Amazon devices order:

    New Line Cinema

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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