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21 Cool AF Ways To Nerd Out At Home

You ~shall~ pass.

1. A Captain America night-light for shining a light on the path to the bathroom, all the horrors that your bf Chris Evans is gonna fix.

2. A Rick and Morty Monopoly game as the perf addition for your board game shelf. (Belches not included.)

3. A swords decal to stick above your ~porcelain~ throne where you watch actual Game of Thrones...and hopefully not suffer patricide.

4. A Tardis jewelry box that's so handy you'll swear it's bigger on the inside.

5. A Beauty and the Beast toothbrush holder because making out with a beast probably requires some rigorous dental hygiene.

6. This Jurassic Park shower curtain and coordinating "shaving cream can" for causing more waves than a few water rings.

7. A Sunnydale wall pennant so everyone in the Scooby gang can at least feign school spirit despite this week's impending apocalypse.

8. A set of Super Mario Bros. wall decals that'll teach kids about their forefathers.

9. A Supernatural body pillow or frisky pillow case for holding onto the Winchester brothers ever so tightly.

10. A Millennium Falcon rug to help create a real sense of ~space~.

11. This pair of heat-changing Pac-Man mugs so you'll have one to share...or for your other hand.

12. A Spock cookie jar to keep by your side on the couch while you binge on Star Trek for the millionth time.

13. A Daryl throw that's the closest you'll get to being in the arms of your The Walking Dead bf. And a matching crossbow lamp to set the mood.

14. A Middle Earth map for keeping track of all your aspirational travel plans, covering everything.

15. Some 8-bit soap to get young (or tbh, old) gamers stoked for handwashing seshes.

16. A Nuka-Cola drinking cup to slurp from while you play Fallout.

17. This Zelda key holder that'll remind you to take what you need before you head out the door.

18. A Hogwarts Express sign so everyone'll know precisely where to run at your wall with their luggage carts.

19. A Jack Skellington coin bank that easily doubles as a pose for a judgy meme.

20. A too cute Pikachu lamp with seven color options.

21. An Necronomicon Ex-Mortis switch plate that could lead to some Evil Dead–level bad decisions on college kids' parts.

You read what we said about Necronomicons...

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