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    16 Adaptive Halloween Costumes For Kids That'll Probably Win Any Costume Contest

    Soft fabrics, easy dressing, removable parts, and add-ons to chairs that'll help everyone get in the Halloween spirit (if they weren't already).

    1. A police car ready to roll with everything you need to attach to a chair.

    2. A princess gown and carriage wheelchair cover to create quite the grand entrance.

    3. A cheery dinosaur (in pink or blue!) from a company that specializes in soft, comfortable costumes kids can wear constantly. After all, who says costumes have to be limited to Halloween? (Not I!)

    4. A princess carriage wheelchair cover fit for royalty. Prepare the procession, please.

    5. A college cheerleader blanket costume you can have customized for your favorite school team. And why limit it to just wearing during Halloween... did someone just say "Gameday?!"

    6. A plush unicorn costume for a comfy feel with a hidden opening in the front pocket for easy abdominal access, and removable hood, tail, and wings to tailor the night's look as needed!

    7. A gothic angel costume you can deck out with lots of cool Halloween-y accessories.

    8. A cute lil' alien spaceship because though you don't condone storming anything, you were kinda into the idea of storming Area 51 and it's a family thing!

    9. An adorable catheter baby bodysuit with openings that'll keep kids from pulling on their tubes while they feed or sleep.

    10. A pirate costume and wheelchair ship covers for sailing the most treacherous sea (aka that neighborhood with the best candy) in nautical style.

    11. A baby shark who's looking forward to do do, do do do do-ing all the Halloween activities. (Hard same.)

    12. A fighter jet wheelchair costume that'll easily attach to a number of chair types as an option with some speed.

    13. A gorgeous Belle gown with Velcro and a special skirt design that'll look like a full gown skirt while seated.

    14. A mermaid wheelchair blanket for a lively option that can also provide an extra layer.

    15. A designer Edna costume you can have custom made to be adaptable. Or as your favorite Incredibles character would call it, couture.

    16. A glow-in-the dark gourd that wasn't made as an adaptive costume but is of soft polyester velour with an elastic bottom for easily pulling on and off, and a separate hat to tailor the costume so it's *just right*.

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