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Elizabeth Lilly I'm a New York-based writer and editor with a real soft spot for DIY
    • Elizabeth Lilly

      I have a super resilient Threshold shower curtain that’s gone through multiple roommates, machine washes, vivid color-depositing conditioner, and all sorts of torture. Sadly, the gold and ivory pattern is now sold out but my next shower curtain (whenever that needs to happen) most likely will be a Threshold one, too! I’m obsessed with basically every last Who What Wear for Target item. When I’m scrolling through a random page of shoes, I’ll zero in on a pair I love only to click through and realize it’s WWW. It happens *several* times a week. But my latest obsession is this lace midi dress that can look super fancy, but also just feels like you’re wearing a robe! If I could live in robes, I would and this gets me even closer to that lifestyle: https://www.target.com/p/women-s-satin-and-lace-midi-dress-who-what-wear-153/-/A-52840417?

    • Elizabeth Lilly

      Animal print outerwear in a well-cut shape is the ultimate in power dressing. I have an ancient Old Navy animal print coat I nabbed for $40 that makes me feel invincible when I wear it! Seriously, wear animal print as a neutral and your ‘tude will vastly improve. And if you choose well, people will think you spent lots and lots of money on it.  Also, Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Berlin is the perfect pink-but-almost-red lippie to brighten up my face and mood, even if I have a sinus infection! It mostly stays put, even if I’m blowing my nose with a cold. https://www.sephora.com/product/everlasting-love-liquid-lipstick-P384954?skuId=1552421

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