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    35 Inexpensive Gifts You Should Buy In Bulk

    Because you're broke and lazy but want to project the opposite.

    Hey! While we try to keep our posts updated as much as we can, this post is actually from 2017, so we can't guarantee that the pricing and/or availability of the products featured are accurate. For our most up-to-date recommendations, check out the 2018 version of this post!

    1. A darling butterfly eye mask — perfect for a pampering sesh while taking a mini vacay from your phone screen.

    2. Or an eight-pack of sheet masks so you and your friends can trade creepy snaps back and forth while you pamper your skin.

    3. A 20-pack of slow-rising squishies as a cheerful way to ~safely~ express some of their bottled-up rage instead of in a reply-all email chain.

    4. A deck of Harry Potter playing cards because HP is universal and anyone who's not a monster will love these.

    5. A minimalist beer bottle opener they may have to hide during their party because it's the best and everyone'll wanna steal it. So why not buy each recipient two? One for each hand!

    6. A fill-in-the-blank book in a variety of options for all the loved ones in your life, like mom, dad, grandma, bestie, and sooooo many more!

    7. A monthly subscription to PLAY! by Sephora so they'll always have some new products to avoid beauty boredom.

    8. An infinity scarf in 42 colors to avoid the dreaded "you got us the same thing" complaint. So ungrateful!

    9. And a toasty knit cap available in 15 colors for some ~creative coordination~ that'll make their heart *and* their head feel warm.

    10. A four-pack of hair coils that won't leave unsightly dents in your friends' hair.

    11. A six-pack of junk-food socks that'll look good enough to eat, though that's not recommended.

    12. A funny coin purse as an advertisement for what you'll both have after shopping this list for the holidays this year.

    13. A trio of gorgeous bookmarks practically made for your book club buds.

    14. A 17-pack of trendy enamel pins with enough to spare so you can (hopefully) keep a few for yourself.

    15. A feisty lil' candle for a sweet deal that'll make you stock up for the winter.

    16. A pair of leafy earrings in a variety of styles so everyone can feel special in their own little way.

    17. An adorable tote for carrying home holiday goodies now and hauling miscellaneous things around in everyday life later.

    18. A 12-pack of pocket notebooks to jot down their daily inspirations and genius ideas.

    19. A bundle of dark chocolate–peppermint bark candy you can sprinkle in with the rest of the goods, whether that's a tin of homemade cookies or a bunch of random stuff you bought from this list!

    20. A 10-pack of goth-leaning chokers your Insta-obsessed friends will adore.

    21. A 12-pack of colorful bandanas set to become pocket sweat rags, Springsteen-like accents, or camping napkins. Whatever!

    22. A five-pack of multitools as a handy wallet helper that, tbh, everyone will find incredibly useful on a variety of occasions.

    23. Or a legit pocket knife for helping them out in a bind. No, a million binds. (Everyone could use a pocket knife.)

    24. A four-pack of patterned Pyrex containers to house holiday baked goods now and make food prep a lil' more appetizing later.

    25. A festive pouch that can do more than hold their fries because, lbh, you both already devoured them.

    26. A soothing coloring book and coloring pencils for maximum zoning out with something to show for it.

    27. A set of Stranger Things sticky tabs they'll definitely put to use.

    28. A 75-pack of hot sauces so everyone in your inner circle can keep a hot sauce of their choice in their bag at all times.

    29. A Dollar Shave Club subscription to save them tons of money, even when your gift subscription times out.

    30. An eight-pack of ~toasty~ coasters that'll foot their drink where possible.

    31. An Blue Apron subscription because you can feed a table full of loved ones over the holidays, but helping them learn how to cook for themselves will be soooo helpful.

    32. A compact skin-care kit in expensive-looking packaging that's sure to impress.

    33. A four-pack of Burt's Bees lip balms that'll ensnare every last gift recipient in its moisturizing web.

    34. A 10-pack of vibrant bath bombs for delivering some MAJOR fizz and ~relaxing~ drama.

    35. And a ~relatively~ inexpensive same-day flower delivery in case you *really* wanna ball out and impress your recipients.

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