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    30 Things For Anyone Who Needs A Pick-Me-Up

    Feeling a lil' down? We have some stuff for ya'.

    1. Death Wish Coffee – they claim it's the strongest in the world, so if you'd like to perk up thanks to some caffeine, here's this!

    2. Funny dog poop bags that are also environmentally friendly so even when you feel like you clean up everyone's messes and actual messes, something can make you crack a smile as you're trying your hardest to breathe out of your mouth.

    3. And dog pooping and shaming coloring books in case you REALLY get a kick out of those bags ^.

    4. Emotional First Aid, a book written by a practicing psychologist on mental first aid for dealing with some of life's more difficult situations.

    5. A weed-centric candle that'll make you smile when your total narc of cousin compliments you on it. Hehe.

    6. Or a beach cottage-scented candle in case the only high you like is the location of your kite on a strip of sand.

    7. An adorable cat bed for your purring fur baby. Hey, if showering your pets with gifts is what gives you a pick me up, I say go for it!

    8. An Alpacacorn crochet kit – it'll provide you with a new project *and* snuggle buddy.

    9. A vibrating bullet or ring at prices that'll make you even happier than that big ole' O.

    10. Lunch notepads ready for those mornings when your kid's a little down and you want to surprise them with a sweet gesture.

    11. A cheery The Good Advice Cupcake T-shirt you can use to inspire yourself...and others!

    12. A squishy (but supportive!) mousepad you may just show off at work every single day. Most likely.

    13. A gorgeous friendship card they'll wanna take to the grave — or at least put up in their cubicle.

    14. Or a slightly saltier card that'll show you're willing to help the recipient work through the dumbest of problems created by the most annoying of people.

    15. A juice box–shaped purse you may think is wildly impractical thanks to its shape but it'll bring a smile to your face every time you wear it because wearing seemingly impractical things is just a whole lot of fun.

    16. Or a mini crossbody in neon or iridescent for a lively option when everything just feels so gray.

    17. An edgy motivational banner that'll get your toe tapping and have you start singing the 9:20 minutes Cheap Trick masterpiece "Gonna Raise Hell" because surely I'm not the only one that uses that to get pumped up?

    18. Serial killer playing cards in case you're one of those people who thrives on murder podcasts and horrifying details.

    19. A sweary pouch with a pretty design, tons of room, and an accurate description of all the things you need to tote around inside. AND it's made of 95% post-consumer recycled material!

    20. Just-add-water underpants as a budget-friendly gag gift. Feel free to point out what the product description says, "it's better to have damp underpants than no underpants at all!"

    21. A custom dog portrait so you can look at your IRL pup and then at the super fancy version to bring an even bigger grin to your face.

    22. A K-beauty mayo hair pack any person who loves 1.) well-nourished hair and 2.) well, mayo will adore.

    23. A Facetory subscription packed with K-beauty sheet masks in fun packaging because a sheet mask is a seriously lazy way to get a little luxurious and spend 15+ minutes sitting still.

    24. A sassy cookbook with fast recipes for when you wanna concentrate on cooking something up in the kitchen, but nothing too elaborate or time-consuming. Because, naturally, you want to chow down some time this century.

    25. A Kawaii tarot set that combines all of your favorite things, so what a way to cheer you up!

    26. A pillow cover with some Insta-classic lit for your friend who always requests a Ketel club.

    27. Some potted air plant bbs ready to thrive with your minimal effort because you're just trying to take care of yourself rn, OK?!

    28. Colorful bath drops that'll help turn a normally fussy bathtime into a super fun time! Maybe?!?!?!?!

    29. Schitt's Creek – it'll make you laugh (mostly) with the Rose family who're making do in a less-than-desirable situation in a tragically named town. AT THE LEAST, watch it for Catharine O'Hara's performance as the mom (Moira), her army of wigs, and one-of-a-kind accent.

    30. Or if you have a more macabre sense of humor (it me!), the mockumentary film What We Do in the Shadows will make you howl like a werewolf with laughter.

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