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    22 Subscription Boxes From Cratejoy That'll Make Perfect Mother's Day Gifts

    Curated gifts that require very little effort on your part. Plus, you can get 'em for up to 50% off right now!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Word to the herd: Cratejoy is having a sale on selected subscription boxes through Monday, May 14! All boxes here will be discounted 30% with coupon code MOM30.

    Subscription boxes are basically the easiest gift to give on the planet. And we made it ~even easier~ for you by picking the cream of the on-sale crop. Check 'em out!

    1. TheraBox to serve as a gorgeous reminder that she should take some more time for herself.

    Includes 1 happiness boosting activity inspired by research and 5–7 consciously crafted, natural, organic, or artisan self-care wellness goodies to promote relaxation and wellbeing!

    Price: $34.99/month

    2. Enjoy Flowers as a way to one-up your sibling who always shows up with a grocery store bouquet. With this, she'll get a delivery biweekly or monthly!

    Includes a bundle of loose stems, selected by floral designers for maximum flexibility and to compliment one another. She can use them to make her own arrangements!

    Price: $40+ biweekly or monthly (variety of stem number and delivery options)

    3. Beautique Monthly to give her the means to sit back, relax, and feel like she's treating herself with lots o' K-beauty products. You can opt for just masks or a collection of skincare and makeup products!

    The Mask Maven box includes 9 assorted masks ranging from sheet masks to sleeping packs. Whereas the general Beauty Box includes 6 assorted K-beauty products

    Price: $13+/month for Mask Maven or $22+/month for Beauty Box

    4. Fruit For Thought for offering up artisan-made products that all revolve around a fruit (or sometimes veggie!) theme for a fun surprise.

    Mini Box includes 4–5 specially curated items and Full-Size Box includes 5–8 items.

    Price: $29.99+/month for mini box or $41.99+/month for full-size box

    5. Knit-Wise as a gateway for the wannabe crafter who has a Pinterest board full of knitting patterns but is nervous to get her feet wet.

    Has an option for Beginner or Regular Monthly to match her skill level. Each box includes yarn, needles, tools, and more to complete a project ranging from home items to accessories.

    Price: $29+/month

    6. International Meal Kits by Takeout Kit for a 'gramable global-inspired meal she'll most definitely post about on Facebook. (As she should!)

    Includes the background of the dish, a simple recipe card, high-quality and hard-to-find global ingredients, and a list of necessary kitchen supplies. Each month features a different country. Feeds 4 and most recipes take 25–40 minutes to prepare!

    Price: $34.99+/month

    7. Pretty Paper Club to help fuel her stationery obsession with custom pieces. Maybe if you're lucky, she'll write you a thank you note on one!

    Includes 1 set of personalized stationery, plus a few hand-picked accessories. If you opt for the Deluxe box, she'll receive even more accessories!

    Price: $20+/month

    8. Blue Spider Books for the mom who's running out of books to check out at the local library (like my mom).

    The Afternoon Delight box includes 1 secondhand paperback book and a choice of a beverage. The Weekend Warrior box includes 2 secondhand books, 1 coffee sample, and 1 tea sample.

    Price: $9.99+/month for Afternoon Delight or $13.99+/month for Weekend Warrior

    9. The Adults & Crafts Crate to help fulfill her crafting urges without having to track down all the supplies herself!

    Includes materials, accessories, tools, and easy-to-follow instructions to complete a nifty craft project.

    Price: $33+/month

    10. Surprise Pawty for treating the mom who you swear is more obsessed with her dog than her human kids... but that's OK because you adore your furry sibling, too.

    Includes 5–6 premium-grade items per box curated for the selected dog size. She'll receive a hand-decorated box and a special surprise on the pup's barkday month! Plus, $1 per box purchased will be donated to nonprofit organizations that help dogs in need.

    Price: $35+/month (available in dog sizes Tiny, S–L)

    11. Art Crate to liven up that blank wall in the guest bedroom she's been wanting to transform into a gallery wall for ages.

    Complete a design survey to help a curator select a piece for your home. Includes 1 piece printed on the highest quality archival fine art paper and handcrafted framing (if you choose the framed option).

    Price: $29+/month (available in S–XL unframed prints, S–XL framed prints)

    12. Glamour Jewelry as a way to add some new ~affordable~ bling into her regular rotation.

    Includes 3 trendy jewelry pieces every month like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or rings with a retail value of $50+.

    Price: $25+/month

    13. WEvolve Box for the mom who's tapped into the universe and has the beautiful effects to prove it.

    The Cosmic Mini Box (which ships monthly) includes 4 items like an adornment, essential oil or ritual herbs, a crystal, and another mystical item. The Esoteric Box (which ships every other month) includes 5–8 items for a deluxe and themed experience, including a ritual or meditation.

    Price: $22.95+/month for Cosmic Mini Monthly Box or Esoteric Bi-Monthly Box for $49.95+/every two months

    14. SoBakeable — an interactive way for a sweet day. You can even plan to tackle the baking projects together!

    Includes 2 dessert baking kits shipped every other month with pre-measured ingredients and decorations, and easy-to-follow instruction cards. All she'll need is butter, milk, and eggs!

    Price: $36.95+/every other month (available in Chocolate Lover or Surprise Me)

    15. The Ellie Mae Box to give her all the beauty and wellness products she could possibly desire that month!

    Choose from three types of boxes, one for you, for you and your furbaby, or one for you and your human baby. Includes 4–5 beauty/wellness products delivered to your doorstep, including a limited-edition surprise gift.

    Price: $30.99+/month (available in #allthefeels for Me, #allthefeels for Me and my Furbaby, or #allthefeels and my Baby)

    16. JadeCrate for the boho-chic lady who's always finding the coolest fair-trade or artisan products.

    Includes a mix of fair-trade and USA artisan-made items like accessories, jewelry

    home decor, kitchen and dining Items, books, all-natural skincare and organic treats.

    Price: $49.99+/month

    17. Mommy & Tots to treat a new mom and give kids something to ~chew~ on as a distraction, which is peak gifting tbh.

    The Mommy & Tots Box includes 4–5 handmade full-sized products like relaxation tools like bath bombs, toys, books, and more!

    Price: $21.95+/month for the Mommy & Tots Mini Box or $39.95+/month for the Mommy & Tots Box

    18. Spirit Within Apothecary — it'll help her take some time for herself and relax with all the ingredients for a weekly bath ritual.

    Includes full-sized detox bath soaks, scented tea light candles, Pain Away lotion, bubble bath, incense, and themed monthly items.

    Price: $22.99+/month (available in 8 varieties)

    19. The Happy Family Box for activities to keep everyone in the family busy with three weeks' worth of bonding activities! (If mom's happy, we're all happy.)

    Includes enough activities, crafts, and books for three weeks of activities for kids ages 6–10. Plus, mom gets a pampering self-care item in every box!

    Price: $29.99+/month

    20. Ecocentric-Mom as a way to keep new moms well equipped with luxury natural products.

    Tailored to your due date or child's birth date through age 4. Includes 2–3 items for mom and 2–3 for the bump or baby. Retail value of $45+.

    Price: $32.99+/month

    21. HealthyMe Living to help her discover delish replacements for junk food because everyone wants to snack but sometimes you don't want cookies! Sometimes!

    Includes 7–10 items in each box like dried fruit, protein bars, popcorn, fruit bars, gourmet treats, and more that are gluten-free, non-GMO, nitrate-free, vegan, and/or certified organic!

    Price: $29.99+/month

    22. Orglamix Beauty for cruelty-free beauty in the prettiest packaging ever, so a cluttered bath counter could be a good thing?!

    Includes 4–6 products total (2 color cosmetics, skincare, bath and body, and 1 lifestyle item), such as organic mascaras, face primers, mineral veils, finishing powders, facial oils, eye creams, essential oils, bath soaks, and more!

    Price: $29+/month

    And check out ALL the on-sale subscription boxes and enter the code code MOM30 at checkout to get the discount up to 30% off!

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