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    17 Coaster DIYs Made With 20-Cent Tile

    Nothing screams "adulthood" like a stack of stylish coasters at the ready to put under your friends' PBR cans. These DIY tile coasters will keep your drink budget and coffee table (if you even have one) intact.

    1. Martha-Approved Lace Coasters

    These tiles are almost like your grandmother's lace doilies. And that's a good thing.

    2. Photo Coasters

    They're perfect if you'd like to gaze upon a coffee-stained mirror image of yourself (or loved ones) when it's time to take a sip.

    3. Paint Chip Coasters

    Finally put those squirreled-away paint chips to use with this colorful stack. (You're probably going to paint your living room white anyway.)

    4. Patterned Paper Coasters

    You're never going to use that pretty printed scrapbooking paper for actual scrapbooking, either.

    5. Old Map Coasters

    Use that vintage map or atlas you were going to cut up for craft projects for a project. Finally.

    6. Scrabble Tile Coasters

    Sub in our prized white tiles for corkboard and have a dependable set of coasters that can not-so-subtlely tell your roomate "HATE YOU" or "MOVE OUT." Get creative!

    7. Painter's Tape Pattern Coasters

    Do what you will with our little blue friend, brush on acrylic paint, and finish off with a coat of polyurethane.

    8. Faux Watercolor Coasters

    Scribble away with permanent markers on these tiny blank canvases and then drip rubbing alcohol for a flower-power watercolor effect. (And maybe make bank selling them on Etsy?)

    9. Chalkboard Paint Coasters

    Siphon the dregs of your can of chalkboard paint for this cool coaster party trick.

    10. Washi Tape and Permanent Marker Coasters

    Washi tape is the flair of the craft world. Use it.

    11. Rice Burlap Bag Coasters

    Get rustic with printed burlap bag labels coasters for your barn wedding, or something other burlap-appropriate special occasion.

    12. Mosaic Tile Coasters

    Slap some grout on a sheet of glass mosaic tile for coasters to match your dream kitchen backsplash.

    13. Sheet Music Coasters

    You'll use it more for drinks than piano playing.

    14. Nancy Drew Book Coasters

    No mystery here, this is an awesome use for books you've already read.

    15. Glitter Coasters

    Swipe on some glue and dump all the glitter on there. {It might not be a bad idea to finish off with some lacquer.)

    16. Permanent Marker Coasters

    High-gloss glamour from the mere tip of a humble marker.

    17. Comic Book Coasters

    Enjoy your well-read comic books every day.