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15 Insanely Awesome DIY Wedding Photo Booth Backgrounds

Making a custom photo booth backdrop and recruiting that friend with the too-expensive camera can create some budget wiggle room. DIY one of these ideas for a fun backdrop for memorable photos you'll treasure (and guests will hate) forever and ever, amen.

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5. Sparkling Sequins

XL sequins catch the light and create movement for fun times, (i.e., champagne swaying). Sure you have to pin each up to the board but it's a wedding, basically the definition of a special occasion.

6. Live Flower Wall

A fairytale forest wedding wouldn't be right without some floral photo booth action. Fake the lush vertical landscape without ruining the natural environment by stapling living flowers onto a large piece of plywood and filling in blank spots with moss.

15. Hanging Photo Frame

Dangle a faux fancy painted photo frame from an overhead tree to create this little setup. (And you could even use the photo frame afterward in your love nest, unless the reception gets really wild.)

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