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    18 Times This 3-Year-Old Was More Fashionable Than You

    Harlow Faith is my 3-year-old cousin on Instagram who's walked in L.A. Fashion Week. This little girl has worn more designer clothes than most people I know. I mean, she wears Sophia Webster, I wear...flannel.

    1. When looking fab in Chanel shades

    2. When never missing a beat when autumn came along

    3. When chilling at one of her fave restaurants

    4. When rocking these Sophia Webster shoes

    5. When getting pampered in Beverly Hills

    6. When hanging out by Louis Vuitton

    7. When wearing Kardashian Kids at the beach

    8. When totally pulling off animal print

    9. When attending Opening Day in style

    10. When showing off her vintage style

    11. When traveling to Paris

    12. AND London

    13. When walking at L.A. Fashion Week

    14. TWICE

    15. When recreating Lady Gaga's bubble dress

    16. AND her Paparazzi look

    17. AND one of her VMA looks

    18. When just being a cool kid