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Why Once Upon A Time Should Be Watched By Everyone

5 reasons why we should all be Oncers

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1. There are A LOT of Plot Twists That Will Keep You Interested


I can't really name any because it would spoil the show, but the pilot starts with Emma Swan on a date, and then PLOT TWIST, turns out she's trying to bust a dude for not paying back his bail bond. She then goes home - alone - for her birthday, and wishes to not be alone, then PLOT TWIST her biological son she gave up comes to get her to break this HUGE curse in a town called Storybrooke, ME (The curse was that everyone is Storybrooke is a fairytale character and they don't know it). And this is in the first 20 minutes of the series.

BTW, if this doesn't convice you, read the synopsis and recap of the Pilot, then watch the pilot on Netflix -

2. The Stories in the Show are Totally Twisted from the Classic Stories we Know


Snow White can fire a bow? Prince Charming and Snow fight along side each other? And they had a daughter??? (and later a son???)

It gets weirder, but you'd have to watch the show to find out :)

And there are MANY more, but you HAVE to watch the show!

And you will find all of this, and MANY more when you go watch Once Upon a Time!

Now go binge watch seasons 1-3 on Netflix, and season 4 on Hulu Plus!

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