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Ten Most Famous Tigers And Tigresses

Tigers are both magnificent and deadly animals. This post contains content that may be considered graphic to some readers.

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Although beautiful and interesting, tigers are also wild animals. They have giant skulls like bowling balls, and paws larger than your face and lined with razor sharp claws. In nature they spend most of their time eating smaller animals and sleeping. So they do not make good pets. The majority of these famous tigers are well known for killing people, which does not usually end well for the animal.

10. Siberian Tiger That Caught A Drone In China

This amusing video of tigers versus a drone went viral in early 2017 but was filmed in 2014. Unfortunately it was made at the the Harbin Siberian Tiger Park in China's Heilongjiang province, which is suspected of being involved in the black market trade of tiger bones and skins. Hopefully they have been rescued by now.

9. Sumatran Tiger From Palm Beach Zoo

In April 2016 a long time keeper of the Palm Beach Zoo in Florida was killed by one of four Sumatran tigers. The incident occurred when Stacey Konwiser entered the "night house" where the animals sleep. She was retrieving something to prepare for her "Tiger Talk" show the next day when one of the tigers sprang on her back. It was against the rules for Konwiser to be in the area, so it is not clear what happened to the tiger except that it had to be tranquilized before they could pull it off her.

8. Tbilisi Tiger That Escaped During Flood

Torrential rainfall in Georgia led to flooding in the Tbilisi area that gave dozens of zoo animals a chance to escape an roam the city streets in June 2015. This included a hippopotamus, wolves, bears and the resident white tiger. Unfortunately the animal became confused and frightened, causing it to attack a 43 year old factory worker named Otar Tsukhishvili. The tiger was put down by local law enforcement, and Tsukhishvili died later at the hospital from a slashed throat.

7. Tiger In The Katie Perry Music Video

In 2013 Katie Perry released her single "Roar" including a music video featuring a tiger, monkey, parrot and elephant. The pop singer came under fire from PETA for employing animal actors. On the other hand who wouldn't want to work with Katy Perry? At least the animal survived, although it is not named in the credits.

6. Tatiana The San Francisco Zoo Tiger

The San Francisco Zoo tiger attack happened in December 2007. Tatiana, a female Siberian tiger, leaped across the barrier enclosing her habitat and attacked three teenage boys. Carlos Sousa, age 17, did not survive and his friends were transported to the hospital for injuries. Tatiana was shot and killed by police on the scene. No one was around the exhibit at the time but an investigation by the SFPD revealed the boys may have been taunting the tiger.

5. Kumal And Sangha From "Two Brothers"

The spring 2004 film Two Brothers was directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud. The story follows two tiger cubs who are brothers named Kumal and Sangha. They are separated at birth but meet again as adults when they are supposed to fight each other. Around 30 tigers were used in production, mostly from French zoos.

4. Montecore Of Siegfried And Roy

In 2003 the world famous Siegfried and Roy show was cancelled after a white tiger violently attacked and paralyzed Roy Horn. The incident occurred while they were performing on stage in Las Vegas. The duo who are famous for taming lions and tigers did not hold it against Montecore the white tiger. He died of illness in 2014 at the age of 17.

3. Sita The World's Most Photographed Tiger

Sita was a Bengal Tigress that lived in the Bandhavgarh National Park during the Nineties. She is known as the world's most photographed tiger, and has graced the cover of National Geographic three times. Her feature article celebrating her new cubs from 2002 is pictured above. She had six litters in 16 years before getting killed by poachers.

2. Mohan The First White Tiger In Captivity

In the 1960's Mohan became the first known white tiger cub in captivity after his mother was killed by hunters. He was bred with an orange tiger, but it took four tries to produce a white kitten. All the white tigers alive today are said to be descended from Mohan.

1. Champawat The Maneater

During the early 19th century, Champawat is said to have killed 436 people before getting killed by Jim Corbett, a famous hunter and conservationist, after he followed the trail of blood from the last victim. The necropsy revealed that the tigress had broken all the teeth on the right side of her jaw, causing her to resort to man eating.

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