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    • elizabethbetsy

      I personally believe Lilly is about to have a huge comeback. its a totally smart decision to bring this brand to a larger audience that reaches far beyond a customer base who buys resort wear….when i worked at buffalo exchange & platos closet we would always buy vintage and retro lilly as well as new designs. it seems like many designers who do commercial capsule lines (h&m, uniqlo, etc etc) often stray away from the original vision and feel of their brand…these pieces are right on point and on trend for this summer. its great!

    • elizabethbetsy

      the 4th wave is coming, and these women are blind to it. SOME of the people in office, men AND women are looking to take away so many of our rights. there are nutsos out there who wish women never voted. there are people who want us to lay down in bed and not have any sort of choice to what happens to our bodies. it is terrifying, and for these women to think feminism is extreme are simply uneducated. as someone with a minor in post modern feminism i am loud and intense about my thoughts regarding OUR RIGHTS TO OUR BODIES. these women may also be educated, but somewhere in their education didnt learn about first wave, second wave, third wave. its been HARDLY 100 YEARS SINCE WE WERE GIVEN THE RIGHT TO VOTE. hello? come on ladies.

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