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    I Predict These 24 Useful Products Will Become Your New Go-To

    *Adds all to basket*

    1. Dr. Beckmann's carpet stain remover will get rid of new and dried-in marks that you thought were too stubborn to budge.

    2. This nifty device will absorb excess moisture in your home, getting rid of bad odours, mould, and condensation.

    3. Sorry to ruin the vibe but we are in cold and flu season, so get ahead of the game and add this blocked nose spray to your basket.

    4. These reusable hand warmers will keep you feeling toasty. And their small, portable design makes them perfect for when you're on the go!

    5. If you have rough little bumps on your skin, then check out this exfoliating scrub. It will remove dead skin cells leaving your skin smoother and looking brighter.

    6. Upgrade your bedtime routine with this relaxing lavender and chamomile pillow spray.

    7. Banish the mould from your walls and tiles with this foam spray that will even prevent future regrowth.

    8. Treat dry and cracked heels with this nourishing balm. It will restore the skin, with visible results in just three days.

    9. Reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks, and blemishes with this Bio-Oil.

    10. This pod will keep your uneaten avocado halves fresher for longer!

    11. Check out these reusable freezer bags if you're constantly meal prepping or saving leftovers.

    12. As the weather gets colder, these memory foam slippers are calling my name. They have an anti-skid rubber sole that will keep them securely on your feet as you walk.

    13. Speaking of the cold, this dual electric blanket will keep you toasty. Both halves of the blanket can be controlled independently so you and your partner can set the temperature just right!

    14. Make sure all of the dirt is scrubbed off your vegetables with this handy little brush.

    15. This spill stopper will ensure that boiling water doesn't overflow from your pan when cooking.

    16. This travel cutlery set contains a knife, fork, and spoon so you can easily eat on the go.

    17. Add these non-stick silicone baking mats to your basket, as any residue will just slide right off under running water.

    18. If you find that your lips are starting to get dry and chapped, then check out this intensive moisturising lip balm.

    19. De-mist the windows in your car with this microfibre sponge.

    20. Instead of using a copious amount of matches, use this rechargeable lighter instead. The flexible neck means that you can easily light a candle without burning your fingers.

    21. Protect suede and leather shoes from the rain with this spray. It will last for 15 days before you need to reapply.

    22. Replace your disposable kitchen towels with these reusable Swedish dish cloths. They're super absorbent and have the durability of up to 15 sheets of paper towels.

    23. These mini Command hooks are always useful to keep in the cupboard if you're in need of a damage-free method to hang fairly lights or other decorations.

    24. Any dust and grime will stick to the ridges on this Scrub Daddy damp duster, so it won't continue to float around after you've cleaned.