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    Whether You're Working From Home Or Going Back To School, These 27 Products Are Useful To Have

    This is for all my fellow stationery lovers 🙋‍♀️

    1. A desk tidy just like this one is great for keeping everything organised, and will stop your workspace from feeling too cluttered.

    2. This daily productivity planner lets you jot down any to-do lists and priorities for that day so you don't feel overwhelmed.

    3. If, like me, you're bad at sticking to time limits on tasks, this cube timer is genius. Each side has a different length of time, and whichever you face downwards dictates how long the timer will be set for. This means all you need to do is flip the cube and not worry about keeping count!

    4. This tabletop waste bin is as adorable as it is practical. It's the perfect size to sit on your desk ready to collect any rubbish as you work.

    5. Remove any smudges or fingerprints from your device with these screen wipes.

    6. This lap tray allows you to work in any room so you aren't confined to your desk all day long!

    7. Speaking of working at your desk, this ergonomic wrist rest and mouse pad will offer more support to relieve any discomfort.

    8. If you're always jotting down quick reminders or notes, this desktop whiteboard is ideal. Its compact design means it won't get in the way, and allows you to quickly scribble and erase when needed.

    9. Or if you're after a bigger space, this magnetic whiteboard will come in useful for making notes or setting reminders.

    10. If you eat lunch on the go, this Sistema bento box is ideal. It has different compartments for your food, including a pot that can be used for sauce or yoghurt!

    11. I have way too many notebooks, but this A4 Pukka Pad is definitely going into my basket. The tear-away pages are great to use for shopping lists and are hole punched, so you can store the paper into a folder!

    12. Speaking of folders, these pastel ring binders are always handy to keep in the cupboard. I use mine to store my exam certificates so they're all kept in one place!

    13. And you can keep your folders organised with these file dividers!

    14. Another option is this expanding folder that is perfect for storing any important documents that you don't want to accidentally misplace!

    15. I don't know about you, but I could use these colourful Post-it notes every day. They're ideal for making quick reminders or highlighting important sections in books.

    16. These index flags are super useful when marking pages in a book or if you need to make quick, concise notes.

    17. Or check out these transparent sticky notes that let you closely analyse books without having hundreds of tabs sticking out of the pages.

    18. These cable holder clips will keep your wires in place and stop them from slipping off the surface.

    19. Keep any papers together with this stapler that doesn't require *any* staples! Yup, you can use it without worrying when it's going to run out – genius.

    20. This stationery set includes paperclips, pins, elastic bands, and binder clips, because you'll probably be reaching for them more than you think!

    21. Check out this laminating machine which can be used to protect pictures, documents, certificates, and more!

    22. It may not seem exciting, but this paper shredder can fit up to eight sheets at once and means that you can safely dispose of confidential letters.

    23. These foldable storage crates can be used to organise stationery, toiletries, snacks, or anything that would usually clutter your space.

    24. If, like me, you're always making mistakes when writing something down, check out these erasable pens!

    25. Or this pocket Tipp-Ex gadget will glide over your mistake, concealing it so you can re-write once it's dry.

    26. This pencil case is separated into different compartments so you can store all of your belongings for on the go.

    27. These acrylic memo boards will sit either side of your computer screen so you can place important reminders directly in front of you.