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    Here's 48 Useful And Under-£10 Products That I Think It's Time I Introduced You To

    I know you'd do the same for me.

    1. These tweezers are designed to get all of those fiddly bones out of your fish dish.

    2. Save money on eating out thanks to this bamboo rolling mat so you can quickly and easily roll your own sushi.

    3. Check out this trolley token that you can clip onto your keys so you never have to rummage around looking for a pound coin when shopping.

    4. Cut through even stubborn grease residue thanks to this all purpose degreaser.

    5. Add this carpet freshener to your basket. It will remove unpleasant odours, and gets to work instantly without the need to vacuum

    6. Absorb moisture and condensations in your car thanks to this reusable dehumidifier.

    7. Treat your windscreen with this liquid that works to repel rain, sleet, and snow for clearer visibility in wet weather.

    8. These slow cooker liners will prevent any caked-on food and grease, eliminating the need for some serious scrubbing.

    9. Remove any trapped air from your radiators with this bleeder so they work to their full potential.

    10. These non-scratch sponges are designed with anti-grease technology which prevents grease from sticking to the fibres on the sponge, thus staying cleaner for longer!

    11. Forget having to use copious amounts of matches thanks to this rechargeable lighter.

    12. Honestly, why have the stress of having to figure out which bin is yours when you could save yourself the hassle with these personalised stickers.

    13. This honey dipper will save you from the sticky mess of using a spoon, and that's pretty sweet.

    14. Check out this nifty tool that will make light work of peeling oranges!

    15. Descale your Tassimo coffee machine thanks to these tablets that will remove any buildup.

    16. These reusable cotton buds can be washed with warm soapy water, and will stop the fluff from disposable cotton buds getting stuck to your face.

    17. Restore the grout between your tiles thanks to this pen that will resolve any discolouration.

    18. These pocket-sized pill organisers are great for travel purposes. Each organiser can fit seven days worth of pills.

    19. Check out how much charge your batteries have left with this tester so you know when to replace or recharge them.

    20. This dual USB plug lets you charge two things at once which is pretty handy if you don't have multiple outlets.

    21. If convenience is a necessity in your life, then I don't know why you haven't added this microwaveable soup mug to your basket yet.

    22. And if genius is another necessity, then check out this soap saver that will let your soap dry out without turning mushy.

    23. Soothe and condition dry, chapped lips thanks to Burt's Bees overnight lip mask.

    24. Garnier's 3-in-1 hair mask will nourish dry, dehydrated hair.

    25. Keep your notes organised thanks to these index tabs that can be used to jot down quick reminders or highlight key points.

    26. It's always handy to keep this all-purpose adhesive in the drawer for whenever you may need it.

    27. I always had this hemming web on hand throughout university so that I could fix any rips or hem trousers without having to sew.

    28. If your mugs are plagued with the stains from your brew, this Astonish powder will give them a deep clean so they look as good as new!

    29. Remove any stains on your mattress thanks to this spray that will tackle both new and dried-in marks.

    30. You can snuggle up in this teddy fleece blanket that's an absolute bargain.

    31. And this hot water bottle is perfect for chillier days.

    32. Okay, how adorable is this toothbrush holder?

    33. Keep your lip balm in easy reach thanks to this keyring pouch that can be attached to your keys or your bag.

    34. Yes, I really do need these silicone straws in autumnal colours.

    35. This shampoo brush ensures that all of the product gets into your roots, while simultaneously removing any buildup.

    36. There is one thing that unites all of us in the UK, and that's the sheer horror of seeing mould on our ceilings. Check out this foaming spray that will banish the spores at once.

    37. Before you throw out your favourite jumper, try this fabric comb that will get rid of those annoying bobbles.

    38. There's nothing fishy about this tuna can strainer, it will just save you from getting the brine all over your hands.

    39. This brush has a rounded head that is designed to clean bottles, pans, and glasses.

    40. Check out these blemish-busting patches that will absorb the impurities in your skin and help to heal your spot.

    41. Remove soap residue and streaks on your shower screen thanks to this squeegee.

    42. Dissolve dry cuticles in just 15 seconds thanks to Sally Hansen's cuticle remover.

    43. These cinch clips will keep your bread fresher for longer.

    44. Check out this double-sided glass pumice stone that will remove hard and dry skin from your feet.

    45. Open your parcels safely by using this box cutter that has a retractable blade.

    46. These eyebrow razors allow you to remove facial hair without the pain of waxing and threading.

    47. Add this cable tidy box to your basket to discreetly hide all of your wires.

    48. Prevent blockages in your sink thanks to these drain sticks that will breakdown any fat or grease.