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    If You're Facing That Midweek Slump, Here's 24 Products To Give You A Helping Hand

    Let's do this 💪

    1. If you're gearing up to do a midweek food shop, keep this trolley token attached to your keys so you don't have to root around for a pound coin!

    2. Freshen up your upholstery or carpets thanks to this spray that doesn't require you to vacuum it in – minimal effort? Yes please!

    3. Thanks to these silicone baking mats you won't have to use oil or butter to stop your food from sticking. They're also super easy to clean, with any residue sliding right off under running water.

    4. The last thing you need is a midweek call to the plumber, so check out these drain sticks that will prevent any blockages caused by grease or food.

    5. This nifty tool will help you to bleed a radiator to remove any trapped air so it can work more efficiently.

    6. Remove any stubborn marks on your clothing thanks to this pre-wash stain remover bar.

    7. Speaking of laundry, this clothes folder will make the task of putting your clothes away a lot faster!

    8. This foam remover spray will banish the mould and mildew currently haunting your home, as well as preventing future growth.

    9. Save yourself the endless task of mopping up after traipsing mud in, thanks to this drip tray that will store your shoes until they dry out.

    10. This 'twist and scrub' sponge will remove your nail polish with ease – because you shouldn't have to put up with a chipped mani until the weekend.

    11. I've seen this no-buckle belt all over my TikTok FYP, and I think it belongs in your basket immediately. It's adjustable and elasticated for added comfort.

    12. Air-dry your hair without it getting frizzy thanks to these microfibre head towels.

    13. Save some space in your wardrobe with these S-shaped hangers. They're designed to neatly store scarves or trousers.

    14. These blemish-busting patches will absorb any impurities in your skin, helping spots to heal faster.

    15. If your plants are looking a little neglected recently, try these self-watering globes which will hydrate your plants whenever they need it.

    16. Give your hair a midweek treat thanks to Garnier's 3-in-1 nourishing mask.

    17. This Burt's Bees overnight lip mask will hydrate and repair dry, chapped lips.

    18. If your favourite jumper has those annoying bobbles all over it, they can easily be removed with this nifty fabric comb.

    19. This turntable is ideal for storing condiments or skincare, as all your products will be in easy reach and take up less storage space.

    20. Quickly chop vegetables with this mandoline slicer that has eight interchangeable blades.

    21. Speaking of ease, add these peeling tools to your basket to easily remove tough skin on your fruit.

    22. Avoid any mess or excess crumbs with these reusable toaster bags.

    23. Speed up the time it takes to dry your clothes with these tumble dryer balls that will also soften your laundry thanks to the nodes.

    24. Check out this powder that will remove any old tea or coffee stains currently plaguing your mugs.