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    23 Useful Amazon Finds To Upgrade Your Summer

    Add these to your basket, you deserve them.

    1. This nifty tray will produce ice cubes that are the ideal size for your water bottle.

    2. If you're planning on venturing out for a picnic or a day on the beach, check out this insulated cooler bag. Its 15-litre size is large enough to store a family-sized picnic, without being too bulky to carry.

    3. Speaking of the beach, these colourful pegs will keep your towel attached to your chair to stop it from blowing away!

    4. Okay, but why didn't I know about this mini portable pump earlier? It can be used to inflate swimming rings, camping beds, and much more on the go!

    5. Keep your feet protected from sharp rocks with these lightweight water shoes. They may not be the most flattering, but they're certainly useful.

    6. Make your own iced coffee at home with this cold brew maker. It's the ideal size for most fridge doors, and will provide four to eight cups worth of coffee after every refill.

    7. Keep your cool with this rechargeable handheld fan.

    8. This cooling garden mister will keep surrounding plants and grass hydrated.

    9. Okay, plasters may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to summer, but these waterproof ones won't budge even if you're in and out of the water!

    10. This windscreen shade will keep your car cool if it's parked in a sunny spot, because is there anything worse than trying to sit on scorching hot seats?

    11. This mould remover spray isn't just for your bathroom tiles or walls, but will get rid of any lingering mildew on your outdoor furniture too.

    12. Check out this concentrate that will transform your old patio from eek to ~chic~!

    13. Now that it's starting to heat up, make sure your dog stays hydrated with this travel water bottle that deserves a round of appaws.

    14. Barbecues may be fun, but the cleaning process after never is. So, check out these grill mats to make all of the grease and burnt food much easier to clean.

    15. If you're still grillin' as the sun goes down, these magnetic barbecue lights will illuminate your appliance.

    16. Don't let those pesky insects ruin the vibe with this nifty gadget. It sucks the venom and saliva out of the bite, soothing any irritation.

    17. I predict you'll love this scalp protection spray to avoid damage from harsh UV rays. Plus, it's non-greasy formula means it won't ruin your 'do!

    18. Intensify your tan with this Piz Buin after sun lotion, while keeping your skin moisturised and preventing any peeling.

    19. I love this watermelon cutter, because who wants to spend ages cutting cubes when you could be enjoying the fruit even sooner?

    20. These marshmallow roasting sticks are extendable so you won't have to get as close to an open fire or grill!

    21. Add this slush machine to your basket, because I imagine it'll be a must-have item this summer!

    22. Keep your phone protected if you're at the beach or beside the pool, with this waterproof phone case.

    23. If you can't stand the heat, these cooling towels will offer some much needed relief.