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    If You’re Returning To University After Christmas Break, You’ll Appreciate These 30 Products

    Yup...it's that time of year again!

    1. This duffle bag will make travelling back to university a lot less stressful. It can even be folded up when not in use so it won't take up room.

    2. This cosy fleece blanket will save you from those cold nights in your room, so you can sleep as well as you do at home.

    3. This set of travel toothbrushes are useful to store in your university room if you have guests coming to stay, or you keep leaving your toothbrush at home!

    4. If you've been enjoying the delights of home cooked food over Christmas, you'll love this recipe book that's written for students so you can continue eating well!

    5. Why not treat yourself to these adorable panda resealing clips to keep those 1kg bags of pasta fresh?

    6. Being at home means sleeping in, but for those 9am lectures you'll definitely appreciate this active tea selection from Pukka. It contains invigorating flavours like turmeric and matcha.

    7. This reusable glass water bottle will keep you hydrated during those long study periods (and to replace the one you left in the library last term.) It also comes with a carrying sleeve.

    8. After spending time with family and friends one of your New Year's resolutions may be to save your money, so check out this budget binder. It helps you keep on track of rent and other monthly expenses.

    9. This travel case will come in handy for any jewellery you were gifted for Christmas. It's also great to keep on your desk to make sure your earrings don't go missing!

    10. Freshers' flu will continue to haunt you even after Christmas, so be prepared with these Lemsip cold and flu tablets.

    11. This Sudafed spray will offer relief from any blocked noses by reducing swelling and the buildup of mucus.

    12. And for those sore throats try these double impact cough drops – because there is nothing worse than not being able to stop coughing in a lecture.

    13. Start the new term feeling organised with this desk tidy. It has seven compartments including a drawer.

    14. This over-the-door shoe rack fits 12 pairs and will certainly get your room looking a little more tidier than it did when you left.

    15. A garlic chopper on wheels is a necessity for your return to university, because who wants the stress of chopping it yourself?

    16. Make your notes look more interesting with this set of colour gel pens.

    17. Transparent sticky notes are game changing, and will make studying for those spring exams even easier.

    18. If being at home over Christmas meant all your laundry was done for you, this stain remover pen is super handy for when you're in a rush and don't have time to grab a clean top.

    19. Showering at university can feel like an extreme sport compared to home, but this mesh caddy means you can transport your toiletries whenever you shower with ease.

    20. And these shower sliders are a must-have if you live in shared accommodation. You'll regret not getting them sooner.

    21. Student halls are often on the smaller side and so this bedside caddy can store your tablet, glasses, and other bits and bobs if you don't have a table unit near your bed.

    22. When you return after Christmas you already know how many small fixes need to happen in student accomodation, so this mini portable tool kit will save you from calling maintenance again.

    23. When I was at university my friend's sewing kit was extremely handy for any quick alterations or clothing mishaps. This travel sewing kit has everything you need 'just in case'.

    24. You've probably become accustomed to just how bad the dryers can be on campus, so for your socks and underwear this octopus hanger will save the day.

    25. For any items that the dryers have failed to actually dry, this three-tier clothes rack is super useful.

    26. Carry all your clothes back with this laundry hamper that has handles, because now you know how big that pile of laundry gets!

    27. Leaving your comfortable bed behind at home is the worst feeling, so make your university bed feel just as comfortable with this mattress topper. It also has straps so it won't slide off the mattress!

    28. As you're in rented accomodation, you will 100% know how useful a set of Command hooks can be – so here's your reminder to get more before you go back.

    29. And for something more heavy duty, this large metal Command hook is perfect for your towel or coats!

    30. If you're bringing back any treats and snacks from home, check out this plastic storage drawer unit for extra space. It can also be used for clothes too, and the wheels means it's easy to move.