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    24 Random Amazon Finds That Readers Keep Adding To Their Basket This Week

    The one thing these have in common is just how popular they are!

    1. Spray this spider repellant around your windows and doors if you don't want to welcome a creepy crawly roommate.

    2. It's chapped lip season, so check out O'Keeffe's unscented lip repair balm.

    3. If your wooden furniture is covered in water rings and scratch marks, this restorer will have it looking as good as new.

    4. Get ready to celebrate spooky season thanks to these window stickers!

    5. But if you just can't wait for Christmas, then why not treat yourself to this Candy Kittens advent calendar? It's packed with delicious vegan gummies, with at least two sweets a day!

    6. Whether you're working from home, or want to watch something hands-free on your phone, then this adjustable holder is sure to come in useful.

    7. Check out this anti-fog spray that will prevent your glasses, visor, or goggles from steaming up.

    8. And this reusable dehumidifier will absorb the excess condensation and moisture in your car, keeping your windscreen clear.

    9. This removable shopping trolley token will save you from having to carry around a pound coin whenever you nip to the shops.

    10. If you've noticed bits floating in your brew, it could be a buildup of limescale in your kettle. Pop this descaler in and run the appliance as normal, and it will breakdown the residue.

    11. Speaking of limescale, treat your washing machine with this 5-in-1 cleaner to banish bad odours, residue, and bacteria.

    12. I can't think of a single reason as to why you wouldn't want this GIANT Cadbury's chocolate bar.

    13. Cut through any grease or residue on your pots and pans thanks to this Bar Keepers Friend powder.

    14. Bid farewell to the mould plaguing your ceiling thanks to this remover spray that will also prevent future growth.

    15. This blocked nose spray will reduce swelling and help you breathe a lot easier during cold and flu season!

    16. Replace your matches with this rechargeable lighter.

    17. These teeth whitening strips will give your brighter looking teeth in just seven days.

    18. This nifty tool allows you to scrape food off pots and pans to make the cleaning process a lot easier. Plus, it's shaped like a penguin, what's not to love?

    19. Get cosy and snuggle up in this hooded blanket. I mean really, with its fleece lining how could you say no?

    20. Keep food from sticking to the bottom of your oven thanks to this heavy duty liner.

    21. If your sock drawer is currently a place where organisation goes to die, you might want to consider this honeycomb storage divider.

    22. This hair oil will stimulate growth from the scalp while strengthening the follicles.

    23. Prevent blisters while you break in your new boots thanks to these silicone heel protectors.

    24. One thing I learned this week is that me and BuzzFeed readers have something in common, as we're all obsessed with this mug.