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    25 Products To Get You Feeling Organised For The New Year

    Time to begin those resolutions.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, check out this daily planner and appointment diary. It has structured pages that will help you keep on top of upcoming projects, appointments, and to-do lists.

    2. If getting your finances in order is a priority for the new year, this handy budget planner is a helpful tool. It has individual cash pockets, and you can even put labels onto each one to organise your budget.

    3. Make sure you start 2022 with matching socks thanks to this sock laundry tool. It will keep pairs of socks together, so you'll never have a mismatched selection again.

    4. Now that you have matching pairs, this drawer organiser will keep your underwear in one place, making it much easier to find in that early morning rush.

    5. Speaking of early mornings, get your routine sorted before the new year with this sunrise alarm clock. It'll gradually increase its brightness to simulate daytime and help you wake up naturally.

    6. Keep all of your stationery together with this desk organiser. It has seven useful compartments, including a drawer, so your desk can stay tidy.

    7. Start the year feeling hydrated with this reusable water bottle. It even has time markings so you know exactly how much you need to be drinking.

    8. If you feel like you're always in a rush, take some time to yourself with this gratitude journal. It's a 52-week guide into how to show more gratitude, and will leave you with a clear mind for the new year.

    9. This set of airtight food containers are great if you want your kitchen to look like it came straight off Pinterest. They come with labels and a pen, which is perfect for keeping organised.

    10. If you're looking to make your own lunches for work, this bento box is a great start. It has three compartments to keep different food separate, and even comes with its own cutlery.

    11. Try this Crockpot slow cooker that's perfect for soups, stews, and casseroles, and will make those mealtimes feel a lot more organised.

    12. Never get your cables mixed up again with these cable labels! Just write on which appliance it's connected to, and wrap it around the wire.

    13. Speaking of cables, if you're working from home you'll definitely appreciate this cable holder. It can be stuck onto your desk and keep any wires from falling down – new year, new cable management.

    14. Preparing for the new year means a lot of to-do lists, so you're bound to love this sticky note dispenser.

    15. Don't forget to use your own shopping bags with these foldable tote bags. After using them you can fold them up to save on space, and the zipper means it doubles up as a purse.

    16. If you want to get your hair routine ready for 2022, try these flexible curling rods. Pop them in your hair overnight and wake up to curled hair without the heat damage.

    17. Keep any hair tools in one place with this styling dock. It has three compartments for your appliances, and you'll start the year off feeling a lot more organised.

    18. For all my fellow jewellery lovers, this earring holder will keep them safe and secure so you never have to worry about losing your favourite pair.

    19. Keep your post in order with this mail holder which also has key hooks attached.

    20. If you're like me and have more mugs than cupboard space, this handy under-the-shelf mug holder should go straight into both our baskets.

    21. Encourage your kids to be organised too with this giraffe door organiser. It has three generously sized compartments, and can easily be hung on the back of their door.

    22. Check out these linen storage baskets for any toys, craft items, or random bits and bobs without a home.

    23. This magnetic meal planner can be attached to your fridge and means you'll always know the answer to "what's for tea?". It even has space for your shopping lists!

    24. Even the underneath of your bed can be organised for the new year with this storage box. It can fit shoes, clean bedding, or clothes you aren't currently wearing, and can easily be pulled out by using the handles.

    25. Stacey Solomon's Tap To Tidy book is filled with new craft ideas and organisational hacks that you can try out ready for 2022.