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    23 Products That Might Make Travelling Way Less Stressful

    It's all smooth sailing from here.

    1. The best way to keep organised is by planning, so check out this handy checklist that has everything you could possibly need on your travels.

    2. Speaking of being prepared, these car organisers hang onto the back of your seats and are great for extra storage, or even for holding your tablet to watch movies.

    3. Make packing your luggage a bit more bearable with these packing cubes. They're designed to make it easier to organise your clothes and to make sure everything fits into your case.

    4. This cosmetics bag allows you to stand your products up vertically, making it easier for you to grab what you need quickly.

    5. Grab yourself this blanket that can be folded up to fit perfectly in your pocket. It's ideal if you want to take something for picnics or hikes.

    6. You can stick this card holder onto the back of your phone to keep any cards, cash, or ID close by.

    7. These waterproof bags are designed to store your shoes for when you travel to keep them separate from your clothes. It's especially handy if they happen to get muddy!

    8. Bring this levomenthol stick to relieve any headaches after flying or to combat the stress of constantly hearing "are we there yet?".

    9. These mesh bags can hold all of your dirty laundry to keep them organised, making your washing a lot easier to sort once you're home.

    10. Speaking of laundry, if you find yourself needing to wash your clothes on the go, Dr. Beckmann's travel wash is ideal for removing stains quickly or just freshening up your clothes.

    11. If you end up travelling with a lot electronics, this accessories organiser can store all of your cables, adaptors, and chargers.

    12. Keep your phone charged with this portable power bank that's compatible with iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models.

    13. Make sure all of your documents and passports are in one place with this travel wallet that makes them easily accessible. It's RFID protected, and has a handy hook to keep your house key.

    14. Attach these luggage straps to your suitcase so you can hang your small bags onto them, making your manoeuvre through the airport much less chaotic.

    15. And you can keep your luggage secure with these locks. Just set your three digit code and your belongings will be safe while you travel.

    16. A mini first aid kit is always good to have for those 'just in case' scenarios.

    17. Keep these soap sheets on hand for when you're on the go and need to give your hands a quick wash.

    18. This jewellery case will keep your necklaces untangled, and had a detachable divider so you can customise how you store your jewellery.

    19. Don't let blisters ruin your holiday with this handy Compeed stick that prevents them from forming even if your shoes rub.

    20. And this gel will soothe and prevent chafing as it acts as a barrier against friction. Once applied it will last all day, and only needs reapplying if you've been in water.

    21. Stay comfortable even on long journeys with this portable neck pillow. It reduces pressure on your neck and even has a handy bag for storage.

    22. Block out any unwanted light if you're trying to sleep with this eye mask that contours around the nose for extra comfort.

    23. Make sure your suitcase isn't too heavy to fly with this digital luggage scale – because the last thing you need is to be emptying your clothes into your carry-on at check-in.