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    If You're Exhausted By This Long, Cold Week Already, Check Out These 25 Products

    Is it really not Friday yet?

    1. You really don't want a broken umbrella to ruin your week, so check out this sturdy wind-resistant one. It has a double vented canopy designed for strong winds.

    2. Make your commute to work that bit more bearable with these gloves. They're also touchscreen friendly so you don't have to sacrifice warmth just to reply to a text.

    3. And this fleece-lined neck warmer will keep you feeling toasty, especially during those colder mornings.

    4. If your laundry has started to pile up then add these Colour Catcher sheets to your basket. They allow you to do a mixed wash without any colour bleeding onto lighter clothes.

    5. Banish any mould or mildew thanks to this spray that will also prevent future growth.

    6. Save yourself from the nightmare of soggy shoes thanks to this electric dryer.

    7. This Joseph Joseph microwave rice cooker is the perfect solution for a simple midweek dinner.

    8. And these silicone baking mats mean you won't have to use oil or parchment paper – plus, any residue will slide right off under running water!

    9. Soothe dry or cracked hands with this Burt's Bees hand cream that smells like lavender and honey.

    10. It might not be the weekend yet, but why not snuggle up with this extra long hot water bottle?

    11. Get a good night's sleep thanks to this Silentnight electric blanket. It has three heat settings to choose from and is made from a super soft fleece material.

    12. These silicone caps will ensure a mess-free squeeze from your toothpaste tube.

    13. Check out this glass treatment that will repel any rain, snow, or sleet from your windscreen.

    14. And this reusable dehumidifier will absorb excess moisture and condensation so you don't have to wait for your windscreen to clear in the morning.

    15. Give your hair a quick refresh thanks to this Batiste dry shampoo.

    16. This nifty USB will keep your mouse moving for you if you need to step away from the screen for a bit.

    17. Give yourself a little boost with these organic wellness tea bags.

    18. Dry smaller items of clothing thanks to this over-the-radiator airer.

    19. I will definitely be adding this dog poo bag holder to my basket. It even has a handy torch so you can see exactly what you're doing.

    20. Banish those midweek spots with these blemish-busting patches that will extract all the gunk from your skin.

    21. Remove your makeup with ease thanks to this Elemis pro-collagen cleansing balm.

    22. Give this Elbow Grease stain remover bar a try for any stubborn marks that just won't shift on your clothing.

    23. If you're starting to feel a little restless while working from home, you may appreciate this memory foam seat cushion for added comfort.

    24. And this keyboard rest will provide your wrists with extra support as you type.

    25. Give yourself a head start on your next shopping trip thanks to this list that lets you tick off the items that you need to buy.