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    28 Products For New Year’s Eve If You’re Planning On Staying In

    Why not end a busy year on a more relaxing note?

    1. Even if you're at home there's no reason why you don't deserve these 2022 balloons to welcome the new year!

    2. This bamboo cheese board is perfect for treating any guests (or just yourself) to some nibbles. It includes a set of utensils which can be stored away in the holder.

    3. Or you can add this rotating dip set to your basket. It can be filled with appetisers, and it's small enough to fit on your coffee table.

    4. If you're planning on inviting some friends round, check out these cool photo booth props to upgrade your selfie game.

    5. Melt away all of your 2021 troubles with these dead sea bath salts. They're packed with essential oils, such as lavender, for the full calming effect.

    6. While you're in the bath there's no reason you can't watch the new year festivities with this bamboo bath caddy. It has a built-in tablet holder so you can lie back and relax.

    7. Snuggle up and keep cosy with this wearable blanket! It's long enough to cover you from head to toe, so you'll definitely be living in this for most of the new year.

    8. Staying at home doesn't have to be boring, so check out this Soundiculous game! You win by guessing the sound another player is making.

    9. Or perhaps you'd prefer a modern twist on the classics with this Pictionary Air game. Just use the pen to draw in the air, and it'll show up on the connected smart device.

    10. If you're looking for something that'll take most of the evening, these unsolved case files are great fun for any true crime fans. Test your skills and see how quickly you can solve the murder mystery.

    11. Treat yourself to your last takeout of 2021 without any stress, using this takeaway dinner dice!

    12. This festive set of fruit-flavoured mixers will add some new year glamour to your drinks. They come in adorable individual bottles, and can be added to both alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks!

    13. You may be relaxing in your own home, but why not try something new with this cocktail making set? It has everything you need to make your own cocktails as you countdown to 2022.

    14. Add this edible glitter for that extra sparkle in your drinks!

    15. If you'd rather settle down with a hot drink, try this hot chocolate stirrer set. It has three flavours for you to indulge in, including a warming chocolate orange.

    16. You might as well feel cosy if you're counting down the hours till midnight, so these fairy string lights are the perfect addition to your home.

    17. These gold star hanging wall decorations would make the perfect Insta-worthy backdrop for those new year photos of your dog!

    18. If you love to bake, why not give this sticky toffee pudding kit a try? Just add your own eggs and milk, and in 30 minutes you'll have your own delicious dessert.

    19. Treat yourself to these luxurious dairy-free chocolate truffles. After 2021 you definitely deserve some fancy chocolates!

    20. Or if you want to give something more unique a try, add this chocolate popcorn selection to your basket. It has five flavours to choose from, including caramel and white chocolate.

    21. You could even attempt to make your own with this microwaveable popcorn maker!

    22. Treat yourself to these stemless wine glasses with an anti-spill design, so you can raise a glass to 2022!

    23. These disco ball drinking cups are sure to be showstoppers, even for a quiet night in.

    24. You deserve some self care for the final night of the year, so why not treat yourself to this generous set of 12 sheet masks? They're suitable for most skin types, and will leave your skin feeling moisturised and soothed.

    25. Start the year as you mean to go on with this at-home gel nail kit. You can now do your own nails from the comfort of your home, and it even comes with six stunning shades of polish.

    26. There's no better way to have a cosy night in than with a new candle! This WoodWick candle has a warming cedar and embers scent, and the wick crackles to give you extra cosy vibes.

    27. Maybe you're looking to get an early night before New Year's Day lunch, so you'll appreciate this eye mask and ear plug set. The mask is made from a breathable material, and has adjustable straps.

    28. Finally, if you're watching your neighbour's firework display from your window you might want to wrap up with this sherpa fleece blanket.