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    29 Problem Solving Products That Don't Compromise On Aesthetic

    Because who said practical had to be boring?

    1. If you struggle to wake up on time, this TikTok-famous alarm clock is the answer. It has three adjustable brightness settings, and can be used as a mirror. You can even hang it on your wall to save space.

    2. Once you're up the last thing you need is your shower looking a mess. These 'no drill' shower caddies will store your shampoos and soaps, leaving your bathroom looking nice and tidy. They can be stuck on with the adhesive backing, and are made to fit corners.

    3. Speaking of organisation, these glass soap dispensers mean you can discard all of your disposable plastic bottles, and have a reusable matching set.

    4. These glass nail files will keep your hands looking like they've just had a manicure, without the friction of regular nail files. They even come with a case so you can store them after use.

    5. These floating shelves have a natural, rustic design. They're three different sizes which is perfect to be able to store a variety of items, especially if you live in a smaller space.

    6. Storage can fix a number of problems, especially if clutter is one of them. This large woven basket will fit blankets, kids toys, or even towels.

    7. And this knitted blanket will keep you nice and toasty – because feeling cold is definitely a problem.

    8. To make sure your cotton buds, toothpicks, or any other small items don't look untidy, check out these lotus shaped holders.

    9. These anti-slip socks are great if you do yoga at home and have slippery floors! They're sturdy with cushioned padding, and have straps for extra security.

    10. This silicone spoon rest will stop utensils dripping onto kitchen surfaces whilst cooking. It can fit six utensils, and has a raised edge so any liquid won't spill.

    11. If your aesthetic is more statement pieces, this ceramic spoon holder is perfect.

    12. To stop boiling water from spilling over the pan when cooking, try this silicone lid cover. It can also be used to steam vegetables, and to cover food in the microwave.

    13. It would be cruel of me if I didn't share these sheep lid lifters with you. Not only are they adorable, but they help let steam escape from your pan.

    14. To stop almost burning your fingertips trying to get your toast out of the toaster, try these duck tongs. They're absolutely quackin'.

    15. These silicone tongs are only seven inches, meaning they're the perfect size to serve smaller items, such as ice cubes. They're also in soft pastel colours, so they'll look great in your kitchen.

    16. Once you have the tools, you need the ice cubes. We all know the stress of filling up an ice cube tray and carefully making our way to the freezer without spilling it everywhere, but this penguin tray has a convenient lid! It prevents any leaking, and it's *so* cute.

    17. If you love the penguin theme, this fridge freshener is for you! Just fill it with baking soda and refill whenever you need. It works great to combat any odours.

    18. And it doesn't end there...this penguin kitchen timer will make sure you never burn your food again.

    19. Trying to keep vegetables fresh can be tricky, but this terracotta pod acts as a home for your garlic. Just pop your garlic in the pod, and it'll keep it fresh for when you need it. It's also shaped like a bulb of garlic, so that's pretty genius.

    20. Nobody wants a mushy banana all over the bottom of their bag, which is why these banana cases are so handy. They'll protect the fruit from damage, and keep it fresh all day due to the air holes on both sides. They're great for lunchboxes too!

    21. There's no need to walk on eggshells, as this transport pod will keep your boiled egg extra fresh, even when you're on the go. It'll keep the smell of the egg enclosed, and it also makes eating it a lot more enjoyable!

    22. But, if you're like me and can't hack the perfect boiled egg quite yet, this handy spoon needs to be in your basket. Just put your egg on the spoon, dip it into the pan, and you'll have the perfect egg every time.

    23. To make washing fruit a whole lot easier, check out this berry colander. It's the perfect size to fit any berries that are usually quite fiddly to wash in a regular colander, and it also doubles up as a storage container.

    24. This strawberry huller is ideal for preparing your fruit when you don't have a lot of time. It works by effectively removing the core and stem of the fruit without any hassle.

    25. If you need to find a way to encourage your kids to eat their veggies, these novelty corn holders are a good investment. They give you a sturdy grip to be able to hold onto your corn on the cob, and they definitely make it a lot more enjoyable.

    26. These dog ties will save you from a handful of problems. They can be used to secure opened packets of food, or to keep your cables from getting tangled. They're definitely cuter than your standard bag clip.

    27. This aesthetically pleasing rose gold wine stopper will keep your wine fresh for up to ten days once opened.

    28. If you have any unsightly cracked plates, or broken plant pots, try this moldable glue. Once applied it will turn into a durable, flexible silicone, and offers a unique way to fix any leaks, or cracks. It comes in different colours, so you can get creative!

    29. To stop your charging cables from getting tangled, knotted or broken, try these silicone protectors. They're designed to keep your wires in good condition, and they're colourful too – which is very important!