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    35 Surprisingly Practical Stocking Fillers That Won't Sit Unused

    They're all rather tree-mendous if you ask me 🎄

    1. Check out this non-contact hygiene keyring, so you can open doors and press buttons without using your hands.

    2. If your giftee is always getting their charger mixed up, buy them this personalised sticker.

    3. For an adorably practical gift: this suction cup toothbrush holder.

    4. If they're still rocking the wired earphones, this cord organiser will ensure they don't get tangled.

    5. I love this electric lighter as it's flameless, easily charges via USB, and more convenient than matches.

    6. Burt's Bees overnight lip mask will hydrate and soothe chapped, dry lips.

    7. These egg-shaped highlighters are the perfect addition to any stationery lover's stocking.

    8. Gift these reusable straws if they're always on the go. They can be folded up into the case and also come with a cleaning brush.

    9. Speaking of being on the go, this magnetic car phone mount is super handy.

    10. Looking for a practical gift for a holidaymaker? Check out this secret pouch to store their belongings on the beach that looks like a bottle of SPF.

    11. This muscle recovery band will be a welcome gift to any exercise lovers.

    12. They can switch out the bottles for this shampoo bar that helps promote healthier hair.

    13. And you could also gift them this shampoo brush. It helps to work the product into the roots while simultaneously removing any buildup.

    14. Check out these nail clips that will help them soak off any gel polish with ease.

    15. Speaking of nails, this gadget will securely hold the bottle of polish to make painting nails a lot easier.

    16. Give them a wakeup call with these invigorating shower steamers.

    17. Okay, these edible stirrers may not *seem* the most practical, but it certainly beats using a spoon.

    18. This adhesive card sleeve can be stuck onto the back of their phone if they don't like carrying around a separate wallet or purse.

    19. They can charge their smartwatch without worrying about knocking it off the side thanks to this charging stand.

    20. If they're a little bit clumsy, they'll appreciate this stain remover pen appearing in their stocking.

    21. Although over a tenner, this reusable hand warmer is way too adorable to refuse.

    22. Replace makeup wipes with this reusable microfibre cloth that only needs water!

    23. This beard balm combats dryness, flaking, and itching while conditioning the hair.

    24. If they take daily vitamins, these colourful pill boxes will keep them organised.

    25. Upgrade their movie nights with this hot chocolate-making kit – because what could be more practical than ensuring they have all the toppings?

    26. This silicone light is designed to hang onto their bag so they can find their belongings when it's dark.

    27. Okay, how cute is this bumblebee tea infuser?

    28. This USB extension hub is ideal if they only have one USB port in their laptop.

    29. Add this wine bottle stopper to your basket as it will keep an opened bottle fresher for longer.

    30. De-puff and cool down their skin thanks to this ice roller. It's also a great way to soothe headaches.

    31. Protect their plants from pests with these sticky fly traps.

    32. This pouch keyring is designed to hold a charm, but can also be used for coins or trolley tokens!

    33. Check out this adorable night light that will offer a comforting glow when it's dark.

    34. Speaking of night lights, check out these USB ones that are perfect for smaller spaces.

    35. Check out this beauty spatula which will help them get every last drop of product out of awkwardly-shaped bottles.