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    I Was Scrolling And Thought You'd Want To Try These 24 Practical Amazon Buys

    I've got your back.

    1. You can peel your oranges quickly and safely with this nifty gadget that glides through the fruit.

    2. This soap dish will cost you less than one whole British pound, so I'd grab it while you can!

    3. Keep your fingers clean when eating messy snacks with these finger chopsticks.

    4. This heat-resistant handle cover will protect your hands from getting burned when you're cooking.

    5. Repair a sagging or broken drawer with this kit that will save you from having to buy new furniture.

    6. This knife has multiple blades designed to aide you in chopping fiddly vegetable like a spring onion.

    7. Clean out your earphones and their case with this double-ended tool.

    8. This is definitely a product to invest in, but you can chop your vegetables in one fluid motion thanks to OXO's genius gadget. It even has a catch-all tray at the bottom.

    9. We're officially entering 'cold hands season', so these reusable hand warmers will certainly come in handy.

    10. Yes, I will be adding this egg slicer into my basket, because why wouldn't I want to make life just a little bit easier?

    11. Speaking of making life easier, this magnetic bottle opener will pop the lid right off!

    12. If you have a houseplant that is quite dense, these leaf-shaped funnels will help the water reach the soil and the roots.

    13. I'm not saying that your greatest wish is to be able to make crinkle-cut chips, but if it was this tool would help you do just that.

    14. And what could be a better pairing for chips than a burger made using this non-stick press.

    15. This mini LED lamp will cure your gel nails so you can get professional results in your own home.

    16. Add this desktop bin to your basket if you find that working from home also means your desk gets untidy quickly.

    17. And for any crumbs or eraser flakes, check out this mini vacuum.

    18. These stainless steel tongs will squeeze the extra water out from your teabag so it doesn't drip as you take it to the bin.

    19. Lift all of the caked-on grease and grime stuck to your hob using this scraper.

    20. Treat yourself to freshly brewed coffee even on the go thanks to this portable cafetiere mug.

    21. Clean up food waste as you cook with this over-the-cupboard bin.

    22. Grate or slice even the most fiddly of foods with this mini mandolin that also has a finger guard for safety.

    23. If you struggle to open the lids on jars, this opener can be stuck underneath your cabinets.

    24. Sometimes coffee tables can be impractical, so check out this flexible tray that sits on the arm rest and can hold your drink.