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    I’m Not Sure Why You Haven’t Added These 24 Nifty Products To Your Basket Yet

    I'll meet you at the checkout 😇

    1. This handy bag will sit on top of your bicycle so you can store your keys, cards and phone safely.

    2. If you need to take medication or vitamins throughout the day, this keyring will keep them secure and in reach.

    3. Check out these replacement oven stickers if yours have started to wear over time.

    4. This electric sharpener means you won't accidentally over-sharpen your pencil and cause it to snap!

    5. Add more storage to your desk with these hidden drawers that fit underneath.

    6. If your hob is plagued by grease and grime, this scraper will budge any caked-on food without scratching your appliance.

    7. This keyring USB charger means you don't have to carry around bulky wires just to charge your phone.

    8. Speaking of keyrings, if you never have a pen handy when you need one, check out this teeny tiny one that looks as though it belongs in 007's prop department.

    9. This double-sided dustpan and brush set is going straight into my basket. One side of the brush is designed to squeegee water and dirt, while the other side will remove hair and debris.

    10. Slicing tomatoes without any mess or hassle may *seem* almost impossible, that is until you see this nifty gadget that will do all the slicing on one fluid motion.

    11. If you've been looking for an easier way to peel garlic cloves without getting the odour on your fingers, check out this silicone tool.

    12. My houseplants were constantly being bothered by pests, so I invested in these sticky insect traps and couldn't believe how good the results were!

    13. Whenever I travel, this passport holder has become a frequent companion! It has multiple card slots too which is super useful.

    14. Calling all artists: this electronic eraser is great for highlighting your work, and is comfortable to hold thanks to the ergonomic design.

    15. Get rid of all the dust and debris in those hard to reach areas with this 2-in-1 gap brush.

    16. This suction-cup holder will help your kitchen sponge to dry out so it won't turn mushy or mouldy!

    17. And if you've caught the organisation bug, you might want to check out this adjustable tension shelf that will give you more storage.

    18. If you have broken or brittle nails, this conditioning repair treatment will rebuild and strengthen your nail.

    19. This magnetic brush is designed to help you clean awkwardly-shaped bottles or jars – plus, it's super fun to use!

    20. Keep sticky honey off surfaces with this spoon that can be hooked onto the side of the jar. The honey will drip back into the jar seamlessly, so no more mess!

    21. If you live in a rental property, student housing, or just hate using nails, then check out these damage-free Command strips to hang pictures.

    22. Comfortably hold your book without breaking the spine using this wooden page holder.

    23. If you're preparing for a weekend getaway, this travel duffel bag can be folded into a small pouch for storage when not in use!

    24. Speaking of travel, this jewellery case has stacked compartments so you don't have to compromise on space.