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"If You Haven't Seen It, Please, Just Don't" — People Are Sharing The 15 Most Disturbing Movies They've Ever Watched

"It makes Saving Private Ryan look like Over the Hedge."

Recently, u/ryuofdojima asked "what is the most disturbing film you've watched?" and we decided to round up the most upvoted answers:

1. Threads

Two actors portraying characters in distress, with soot-covered faces, looking through a window

2. Come and See

Character with a distressed expression in a historical military setting, with an officer behind him

3. Hereditary

Child in an orange hoodie standing in front of green foliage, with a serious facial expression

4. Tusk

Man with mustache looks emotional, sitting in a chair. Appears to be a still from a TV show or movie

5. Martyrs

Woman with blood on hands and face looks distressed, in a dramatic movie scene

6. Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father

Two children sitting, one holding a briefcase, in a candid home setting for a TVAndMovies article

7. Requiem for a Dream

8. There is Something Wrong with Aunt Diane

Car accident on highway with emergency services present, vehicle damaged, and debris around

9. The Poughkeepsie Tapes

A man looks down at a person wearing a corset, lying in a wooden box, in a scene resembling a magic trick

10. Hotel Rwanda

A group of actors portraying a family with expressions of concern and support inside a vehicle

11. Midsommar

Person surrounded by assorted flowers with a large floral arrangement on their head. Expressing a solemn mood

12. Schindler's List

Actor portraying emotion, in classic suit and tie, in a black-and-white film scene

13. Very Bad Things

Four men with shocked expressions standing in a room with blood spattered on the wall

14. Bad Boy Bubby

Two characters in a tense scene, one standing with a gas mask and one seated in the background

15. Mother!

Jennifer Lawrence appears distressed among celebrating people in a movie scene

H/T to u/ryuofdojima and AskReddit for having this discussion!

Note: All submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.