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    Modibodi Are Donating 10% Of Every Sale To Those In Need For The Next Three Days

    You can help to raise money for those communities affected in Ukraine and Australia when you place an order.

    You probably know Modibodi from their range of leak-proof underwear designed specifically for periods. They strive to create a positive impact globally which is why for the next three days Modibodi will be donating 10% of all sales to charity partners working in Ukraine and Australia.

    That means that when you buy a pair of Modibodi underwear you are helping to raise money on behalf of Thread Together for flood donations in Australia, and UNHCR to offer support to communities affected by war in Ukraine.

    If it's your first time hearing of Modibodi try this hi-waist bikini underwear that offers up to 24-hours of absorbency even for very heavy periods.

    There's even a pair specifically designed for you to wear overnight as it offers reliable leak-proof protection so you feel secure as you sleep.

    If you want to join Modibodi's efforts to help those in need check out their products and contribute to their donation pledge.

    So basically, you can stay leak-free and comfy throughout your period while also donating to some truly worthwhile charities. What's not to like?