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    Save Up To £130 On A Meta Portal Device And Bid Farewell To Endless Buffering

    Why have I not already invested in this? 😳

    Over the last couple of years, most of us have had to grapple with the reality of working from home. Yup, including those dreaded video calls where you end up hearing "you're on mute" every few minutes.

    If you'd *finally* like to make working from home 'work' for you, check out Meta Portal. It's a video calling device that allows you to collaborate with others seamlessly. Plus, all of their devices are currently on sale!

    It reduces background noise, adjusts to low light, and also pans and zooms automatically to keep you in frame – that's pretty genius.

    The Portal Plus is their largest screen. It can be tilted for more comfortable viewing, and it's also compatible with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and much more, so collaboration is just one click away. You can also sync your work calendar!

    Experience more freedom with the Meta Portal Go. It has all of the features associated with the Portal Plus, but is designed to 'charge and go'. Now you don't have to worry about keeping it plugged in, and can quickly move from room to room without any hassle!

    You can also check out their 10-inch screen that lends itself to a more casual viewing experience. The camera will still pan and zoom to keep you in frame, and widens to make sure that everyone on the call stays in view! You can also use it as a photo frame to display your favourite moments, so it's ideal if you're missing home.

    If that's not enough to tempt you, how about making video calls from your TV? The Portal TV device sits on top of your screen, allowing you to talk completely hands-free. You can also watch your favourite TV shows together using one of the streaming apps while you're on video call – BRB, I'm using that as an excuse to binge Netflix.

    Whether you're looking for a seamless way to collaborate, or just to catch up with long distance relatives, check out Meta Portal while their sale is still on!