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    Maintain Your Outdoor Space This Summer With These 22 Low-Effort Products

    Including a solution to getting rid of those brown patches in your lawn!

    It's finally that time of year where we can start to spend more time in our garden! Even if you've somewhat neglected it since last summer, there are some easy solutions to getting your garden summer-ready once again.

    1. You can check the water levels in your potted plants or borders using this nifty moisture metre.

    2. If this is a little too time-consuming, you might want to consider these Miracle Gro crystals instead. They absorb and release water whenever your plants need it.

    3. Does your dog leave burn patches across your lawn? If so, this Patch Magic will repair the area quickly, allowing your lawn to flourish.

    4. This all purpose compost should cover a lot of breeds and will release food for your plants for up to six months from planting, helping them grow healthy and strong.

    5. For any succulents, however, this special potting mix is a better option. The added grit and sand will provide better drainage for your plants.

    6. Attach this feeder to your hose to give your garden plants all of the nutrients they need.

    7. Speaking of plant food, this organic liquid choice will help to revive any drooping or pale leaves. It's also pet, bee, and child-friendly!

    8. Keep your plants tidy and shaped with a pair of garden secateurs that will remove any dead leaves or buds.

    9. And make your garden chores as comfortable as possible using this padded kneeler.

    10. Check out these Velcro garden ties to support your plants so they grow securely.

    11. Use this handy tool to remove any of those lurking weeds. It will remove the weed right from its root to avoid any future regrowth.

    12. Or, this garden rake will help you remove any loosely-rooted weeds that grow across beds of gravel, especially if they've started to build up over the last few months.

    13. You can also use this fast-acting weed killer that will provide visible results two days after application. It will leave no harmful residue so you can continue to plant in the area.

    14. If your grass is looking a little neglected, this 4-in-1 lawn feed will turn it greener and thicker, while also killing any weeds and moss in the process.

    15. This concentrate will kill any algae and mould that you thought would stain your patio forever. It gets to work in up to four days, and the results will last for months.

    16. In my garden there are a lot of areas that can be hard to water, which is why this sprinkler comes in handy. It connects to your hose, and can reach the area you need with ease.

    17. Or check out this more affordable option that has three sprinklers in one!

    18. You can plant some perennials into these hanging pots for a pop of colour, which is ideal for balconies or smaller spaces.

    19. Check out these outdoor cushions that are also waterproof so they can outlive the unpredictable UK weather!

    20. Dress up your patio or decking with this washable and weather-resistant outdoor rug.

    21. Get your outdoor furniture looking as good as new with this mould remover spray that will banish any mildew.

    22. Protect your plants or vegetable patch from any pests with this mesh netting.