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    You Deserve These 26 Products As A 'Well Done' For Reaching The End Of This Cold Week

    Eat well, sleep well, and keep warm!

    1. Ever since I got my hands on this Silentnight electric blanket I've been feeling as snug as a bug! It has three heat settings to choose from, elastic straps so it stays securely fitted to your mattress, and it's fleece-lined for added comfort.

    2. Keep your brew warm even when you forget to drink it thanks to this mug warmer.

    3. If you're in need of a quick dinner, check out Joseph Joseph's microwave rice cooker. The spoon can be used to serve or as handles.

    4. Or if you're having a pizza night, this cutter is designed with efficiency and storage space in mind.

    5. Add this long-sleeved thermal top to your basket. It's a wardrobe staple that's ideal for times like this when the temperature suddenly dips.

    6. Let's face it, no one wants to do housework at the end of the week, but if you do want to banish that pesky mould then check out this spray.

    7. I predict you'll get a lot of use out of this dehumidifier that will absorb the excess moisture in your car, keeping your windscreen clear.

    8. Enjoy a long soak thanks to this foaming bath blend that will help you to relax.

    9. Make your bath feel even more luxurious with this ergonomic pillow that attaches to your bath via suction cups.

    10. Gently massage this shower cream into your skin. It contains a calming blend of lavender and chamomile essential oils.

    11. Treat yourself to something sweet with this iced cinnamon bun kit.

    12. These under-eye masks are great for hydrating the skin, and ideal for de-puffing.

    13. If you work from home, you may appreciate this fleece-lined foot warmer to keep you cosy.

    14. Whether you aren't really in the mood to cook, or you just fancy a quick bite to eat, this microwaveable soup mug is just what you need.

    15. Melt the week away from your face with this oat cleansing balm. Its soothing ingredients are also ideal for sensitive skin.

    16. Paula's Choice exfoliant will minimise the appearance of pores and blackheads.

    17. Enjoy a comfortable nights sleep thanks to this weighted blanket that applies pressure evenly across the body.

    18. If your shoes get wet and soggy after venturing outside, check out this electric shoe dryer.

    19. You don't need to use oil or parchment paper with these silicone baking mats, as any food or grease will slide right off under running water.

    20. Dissolve the dry skin around your nails in just 15 seconds thanks to this Sally Hansen cuticle remover.

    21. And if the change in weather has made your hands feel dry, this Burt's Bees lavender and honey hand cream will restore the moisture.

    22. If you want *must* head outside, then take this insulated travel mug with you, so you can enjoy hot drinks on the go.

    23. Why not complete any errands in comfort thanks to this fluffy bathrobe?

    24. Or if you just want to relax, I predict you'll love this wearable blanket that will keep you cosy from head to toe!

    25. Okay, I know it's cold and miserable outside, but this Fanta Lemon car air freshener will make you think of sunnier climes.

    26. Finally, if all else fails you can rely on this GIANT Cadbury's chocolate bar to fill you with joy.