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    At This Point I've Seen Thousands Of Amazon Products, So Believe Me When I Say These 27 Impressed Me

    Add them to your basket and thank me later!

    1. This Joseph Joseph water bottle has an innovative lid that counts how many bottles of water you've drank, and a dot shows for each one.

    2. Remove any grease, grime, and burnt-on food from your cast iron pans without scratching the surface thanks to these scrapers.

    3. My colleague Devina swears by this Bluetooth camera clicker as a handbag essential. It allows you to take pictures on your phone even at a distance.

    4. Check out this nifty vegetable peeler that will contain all of the peelings so you have less mess to clear.

    5. Speaking of vegetables, this chopper will finely dice them in one quick motion.

    6. This soda pump is designed to re-fizz your drink if it's gone flat.

    7. Safely retrieve your toast from the toaster thanks to these bamboo tongs.

    8. Remove mould from around your house with this spray that gets to work in just 30 minutes.

    9. This all-purpose degreaser will lift tough stains from every surface in your home, including that pesky stovetop.

    10. I predict you'll love these silicone baking mats. You don't need to use oil or parchment paper as any food will slide right off under running water.

    11. This powder will absorb excess moisture lurking at the bottom of your bin, leaving it smelling a lot fresher.

    12. Add this 2-in-1 oil dispenser to your basket. The brush makes it easy to baste your food for more even coverage.

    13. These silicone food huggers will keep sliced veg or fruit fresher for longer, and can also be used to cover opened tins.

    14. If you don't like sauce on your plate when eating, then check out these nifty dip clips that will attach to the side instead.

    15. Gently dissolve the makeup off your skin with The Inkey List's oat cleansing balm. Its soothing formula is perfect for even sensitive skin.

    16. Achieve that slick back bun or tamed eyebrows thanks to got2b's gel wand.

    17. Extract the venom and saliva from insect bites to eliminate any itching or swelling by using Bug Bite Thing.

    18. Joseph Joseph's compact pizza cutter is easy to clean and store. Plus, it's dishwasher safe.

    19. If you don't have a lot of space in your bathroom, check out this over-the-tank toilet roll holder.

    20. Take your perfume with you on the go with these refillable atomisers that will save you from carrying around the full bottle.

    21. If you find that your bag quickly gathers dust and crumbs throughout the day, this cleaning ball will collect it all.

    22. These trays are designed to form ice cubes that are thin enough to fit into your water bottle. They're also stackable to save on space.

    23. Remove dry and dead skin from your feet with this exfoliating peel mask that will give you satisfying results.

    24. Increase your storage options in your kitchen cupboard thanks to these airtight containers that can be attached to sit under the shelf.

    25. If, like me, you can never cut your bagel evenly for it to fit in the toaster, then you might want to invest in this slicer.

    26. These silicone caps sit on top of your tube of toothpaste to stop the contents from spilling out and causing a mess.

    27. Finally, whether you're heading into the office or looking for a quick lunch at home, this microwaveable soup mug is a great option.