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    41 Home Improvement Essentials Under £15 That Actually Make A Difference

    These products will make even the most boring tasks more enjoyable.

    1. This pair of reusable lint rollers will soon get rid of any pet hair found on your carpet or furniture. They're able to shave any unwanted hairs, as well as those annoying bobbles found on clothes. Great for any spots your vacuum may have missed!

    2. If your floors are due a deep clean but you simply don't have the time, try this microfibre mop. It strips any dirt, grease, and grime from your hard flooring with just water and is small enough to get into any awkward crevices and around the furniture. Once the job is done, you can pop the microfibre pad in the wash!

    3. If your hardwood flooring needs a little bit more attention, this polish and restorer will bring them back to life! The polish is designed to achieve quick results, leaving a brilliant shine on your previously dull floors without any sticky residue. It removes any previous scratches whilst adding a new protective layer to prevent any future damage.

    4. Stains on your carpet can be really difficult to get rid of, especially ones caused by your pet. Dr. Beckmann's pet odour and stain remover tackles both fresh and dried-in stains on your carpet and upholstery. It comes with a brush applicator to help the product sink right down into the fibres.

    5. These power drill attachments work brilliantly to destroy any household grime. Attach any of the heads to a drill and watch as they clean those hard-to-reach spots, including the grout between tiles. They help difficult cleaning projects, like oven doors, turn spotless in minutes!

    6. A furniture repair kit may be the essential you've been looking for. The kit includes 12 wood-coloured markers that can be used to touch up any scratches in your furniture. Perfect for a quick fix to make any scuffs disappear.

    7. To avoid any future scuffs and scrapes on wooden floors, try these furniture floor protectors. You just stick them on the feet of tables and chairs, so when they move your floor stays unharmed.

    8. You can say goodbye to any unsightly holes in the wall thanks to this repair kit that has everything you need to make walls smooth again. For anyone renting, this is definitely an essential.

    9. Living in a hard water area can make your bathroom feel grubby even if you clean it extensively. This professional limescale remover will leave your showers, taps, and tiles gleaming like brand-new!

    10. If you live with people who have a lot of hair, try this drain remover tool to avoid your drains getting clogged. Reviews say it's super quick and leaves their drains hair-free!

    11. This over-the-door towel holder is a great space saving essential. It's a simple problem solver if you don't have anywhere to put your towels, or you just want to neaten up your home. The stainless steel holder has a protective strip so it won't scratch your surfaces.

    12. The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house, and so this corner sink strainer works perfectly to not take up too much space while keeping the flow of the kitchen running smoothly. You can use it to gather any leftover food waste whilst washing the dishes, to wash vegetables, or just as a kitchen sponge holder.

    13. This soap dispensing washing-up brush won't take up space around your sink, as you can put your washing-up liquid into the brush and press down the top to use. It's quick and simple, meaning no stress when doing the dishes, and it even comes with a sturdy stand for storage.

    14. Home makeovers can often be costly, but these self-adhesive tiles are an affordable alternative that look a lot more expensive than they actually are. You just peel the back off and stick the tiles on places that need some extra style. They work great on kitchen walls, or can be used on your stairs for a more unique finish!

    15. Storage can be a struggle, but these under the shelf baskets are a handy solution. They can be hung from any shelf or cabinet and used to give you more room in your cupboards. Perfect for those random items that don't quite have a home!

    16. To continue the organising hype, this storage box has three compartments and can fit perfectly in either your cupboards or your fridge. It's great for keeping your home neat and tidy.

    17. Fridges can quickly be filled up by the sheer amount of packaging food comes in. These retractable fridge drawers serve as a useful alternative. They hook onto the fridge shelf and sit underneath, so you can place any fruit or veg in your fridge without the excess plastic taking up space.

    18. To keep your cupboards looking more aesthetically pleasing, as well as organised, these plastic jars with a mini spatula are great for putting in any spices, sweets, or baking products. They even come with labels and a pen so you can find what you need with ease.

    19. Your cutlery deserves some love too with this cutlery tray organiser. It works well to make your utensil drawer look much more organised, meaning you're no longer having to dig up a teaspoon from the bottom of the pile.

    20. In order to keep your sharp knives out of reach, this knife organiser stores them safely away from the rest of your cutlery.

    21. Organising doesn't have to only exist in the kitchen. These clothes organisers can fit into your drawers or your wardrobe, depending on where you need to save space. Each organiser has multiple dividers, meaning they're a practical way to avoid clutter and make your clothes easier to reach.

    22. Stainless steel can be a nightmare to maintain, as residue and fingerprints show so easily on the material. That's why these stainless steel wipes are an absolute essential. They leave your kitchen appliances looking better than new, with a streak-free finish. They also help to protect your surfaces after the first application.

    23. Descaling your kettle may not seem overly important, but limescale developing at the bottom of it can soon end up in your cups of tea! That's why the stainless steel doughnut descaler is essential in the maintenance of your kitchen, especially if you live in a hard water area.

    24. It's an old favourite in home improvement, but for good reason! This magic eraser sponge is capable of almost anything. Whether you need to erase marks off your wall, scrub your sink clean, or make your favourite trainers white again – this product really can do it all.

    25. Speaking of magic, this Pink Stuff paste had everyone on TikTok hyped for being able to clean even the most stubborn of stains. It's multi-purpose, but is especially well-known for removing hard to budge rust on cooking surfaces and pans.

    26. This sticky gel cleaner is perfect for getting the dust off hard to reach areas. It works great anywhere that dust build-up is tricky to clean, such as keyboards.

    27. The ultimate way to improve your home is through the use of these stove burner covers. These offer a practical solution towards keeping your stovetop nice and clean – by placing them around a hob it makes it easy to wipe off any messes that spilled over from the pan. They're non-slip and dishwasher safe.

    28. On the subject of ovens...if you have a small space between your oven and the kitchen counters, these silicone gap covers need to be in your basket immediately. They help prevent any crumbs or other food spills falling through the gaps, making your kitchen a whole lot easier to clean. You can even cut them to size to ensure the best fit.

    29. A quick and easy way to improve your home are these cupboard door buffers. If the doors on your kitchen units or even your bedroom wardrobe slam shut, these pads help to absorb the impact, meaning a much softer and quieter result. They can also be used on the bottom of your coasters to avoid scratching the table!

    30. If you notice that a room in your home seems to be colder than the others, try this adhesive under door draft stopper. It helps to block any gaps where cold air might be coming from, and only takes around two minutes to install.

    31. Messy cables everywhere can really ruin the look of your home. This cable management sleeve is great for keeping all of your loose wires in one place and no longer visible. They're also useful for keeping cables away from children and pets.

    32. Before you clean your clothes, your washing machine needs to be clean too. Dettol's antibacterial washing machine cleaner removes limescale and helps to eliminate any odours, keeping your clothes and your machine smelling fresh.

    33. These adorable cactus dryer balls help to speed up the drying time of even large loads of washing and make your jumpers and towels feel incredibly soft. Plus, it definitely makes doing the laundry more interesting.

    34. Now your laundry is done, you might want to invest in these 16-hook hangers. These are designed to be able to hang multiple pieces of clothing on one hanger – especially smaller items like swimwear, tank tops, or even scarves.

    35. I know I'm not the only person who hates clutter on the bathroom sink, and so this wall mounted toothpaste dispenser is great for making some space. It allows you to put your toothpaste at the top to then be automatically dispensed when prompted onto your toothbrush. It also features three brush holders, two cups, and extra storage space on the top.

    36. If you're looking for a quick upcycling task, these cabinet pull handles will help your furniture become chic in a matter of minutes. The vintage design is timeless, and helps add to the charm of your home.

    37. Another upcycling technique for your home is using an adhesive wallpaper roll. It can be used to decorate countertops, tables, and even the inside of drawers to add a unique finish.

    38. Make your kitchen units stand out with these LED strip lights. It's a minimalistic way to add style to your kitchen as well as a cosy vibe thanks to the warm light. Stick them under your units for the full effect.

    39. These motion sensor lights are a practical essential to put in your wardrobe, making getting clothes out easier in low light. They can also be used in hallways, making it easier to navigate at night without disturbing other people.

    40. Curtains can look bulky and overwhelm a space at times, but these magnetic curtain holders help to tie them back.

    41. If you're constantly misplacing your keys, these magnetic key holders are not only practical but also cloud shaped! They're super easy to stick onto the wall, and are a more modern take on traditional key hooks.