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    As A Professional Online Shopper, Here Are The 19 Heatwave Essentials I'll Be Using

    Hours of scrolling has led me to this moment ☀️

    1. You may have seen mini powder puffs similar to these ones on TikTok. They just slide onto your finger and can be used to blot away any excess oil on your face – plus their size is perfect for use on the go!

    2. This SPF30 lip balm intensely hydrates and moisturises my lips.

    3. La Roche-Posay's spring water toner is super refreshing, and leave your skin feeling hydrated and cool.

    4. Fill up this 'hot' water bottle and stick it in the freezer! It'll act like a giant ice pack to keep you cool – just remember to not use it for boiling water after as it will split.

    5. A desktop fan just like this one with three speeds will keep you cool, calm, and collected. (My dog approves!).

    6. I cannot sleep without something over me, and if you're the same I predict you'll appreciate this cooling blanket.

    7. If you'd miss your duvet too much, then swap out your regular one for this lighter 4.5 tog duvet.

    8. Shoutout to anyone who sleeps in the hottest room in the house! Check out this adhesive blackout blind that will keep your room dark and cool throughout the day. It has a reflective side which will direct the heat back out of the window instead of into your room.

    9. Personally, I will be covering myself from head to toe in Piz Buin's SPF30 moisturising sun lotion!

    10. If you've been looking to invest in an SPF for your face, check out this highly-rated sunscreen fluid. It's non-greasy and won't leave a white cast on your skin.

    11. My skin burns easily so I always make sure to have a bottle of after sun in the cupboard. This Nivea one contains aloe vera to soothe and cool damaged skin.

    12. Scalps are extremely sensitive to heat, so if you hate wearing a hat this protection spray is another alternative to avoid getting burnt.

    13. My hair frizzes up at even the *mention* of humidity, so although on the pricier side, I've invested in this Color Wow spray that instantly smooths your hair. Its moisture-repellant and anti-humidity technology will transform your hair to look sleek.

    14. Banish your heat rash with this powder that's specifically designed to instantly cool your skin.

    15. This anti-blister stick is my go-to summer essential, and is ideal if you find that your shoes rub against your skin in the heat.

    16. Speaking of feet, if you find that they get uncomfortably hot, then check out this cooling spray that will offer some relief.

    17. A garden parasol just like this tilting one is ideal for providing a shaded area outside to retreat to when the heat gets too much.

    18. Make sure you're staying hydrated, especially if you're using a fan all day long. This 2.2-litre water bottle should be enough to quench your thirst!

    19. If you'd prefer a bottle that will stay cooler for longer so you can take it with you on the go, then add this stainless steel one to your basket.