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    Get Your Home Ready For Guests This Christmas With These 30 Products

    Preparing now means no last-minute panic!

    1. First things first, you need to get planning! This Christmas organiser will help you get ready for the big day, ensuring everything will run smoothly. It features a present planning section, and somewhere to put all your recipes.

    2. For many of us, it's the first Christmas in over a year that we're spending with our family, and that means everyone will be expecting a showstopper turkey! This large roasting tin lets any liquid drain into the bottom so you can easily use it later to make gravy.

    3. You can also give this stainless steel baster a try. It comes with a syringe to make sure every bit of the turkey is covered.

    4. Never sure if the turkey is actually done or not? If so, this meat thermometer is a must-have. It has an easy-to-read digital display, and it automatically turns off when you fold it up.

    5. So, the turkey is ready, your guests are hungry, and all you need to do is somehow get it off the tray and onto a plate. Well, these lifting forks make the whole process much simpler! Now no one will have to clean up any dropped turkey.

    6. These small stainless steel tongs make it easier for everyone to serve themselves, so you can sit down and relax after all that cooking!

    7. If any of your guests are fussy eaters, this meal planner will help you organise everyone's preferences! It's magnetic so it can easily be attached to the fridge door, meaning your guests are able to make any suggestions too.

    8. This gravy separator ensures that none of the fat ends up in your gravy, leaving it full of flavour – your guests are bound to be impressed. It's much less stressful and more convenient.

    9. Prepare yourself for that big Christmas clean with this Method kitchen cleaner. It gets rid of any grease and grime in your kitchen, and has a festive clementine scent. The ingredients are plant based, meaning they're non-toxic too.

    10. Don't forget the oven! This oven cleaner will have it sparkling and turkey-ready in no time. It even includes a bag so you can clean the oven racks.

    11. This handheld vacuum is great for picking up any last-minute crumbs before your guests arrive, including the ones in between the sofa cushions!

    12. To make sure your house stays clean, your guests can take their shoes off and place them in these shoe drip trays. Let's be honest, muddy floors would really ruin the festive spirit.

    13. These metal Command hooks allow your guests to hang their coats up if you don't want your cupboard to get too messy. They don't damage the wall and can hold up to 1.8kg.

    14. You will 100% be needing to stock up on batteries this Christmas. Whether that's to power your fairy lights, or the kids' new toys from Santa, they're pretty much non-negotiable.

    15. This giant Christmas sack can be used to store all your presents ready for the big day. It's also big enough to collect all of the wrapping paper, avoiding any overwhelming mess!

    16. To make sure your table looks as festive as possible, get these metallic charger plates. Not only will they make your home look ready for Christmas, but they will also protect your table from hot plates.

    17. For the Christmas table to flow smoothly, there's often some sort of tetris situation trying to fit loads of plates on. If that's the case in your home, this bamboo cheese board is extremely handy. It has plenty of room for all the festive treats, as well as a small utensil holder!

    18. Another smart way to save space is this slate serving platter. It's the perfect size to place sauces or nibbles on the table, without getting in the way of your guests.

    19. Organisation goes a long way at Christmas, so try out these fridge baskets. Each basket has a different coloured handle, meaning you can organise your food into sections. That full fridge looks a lot less intimidating!

    20. If your guests will be staying over this Christmas, they'll appreciate this reversible fleece bedding. This set has an adorable festive pattern, but can also be reversed depending on your guest!

    21. Make sure they're as snug as a bug with this electric blanket. It has three heat settings, and is machine washable.

    22. This sherpa fleece blanket is equally as cosy, so your guests can snuggle up near the fire after Christmas dinner!

    23. Earn extra host points with these festive face cloths. They're made from pure cotton, making them super soft.

    24. Keep this Baylis and Harding bath set in your bathroom cupboard until Christmas, to give your guests that spa treatment. It's always great to have toiletries as a 'just in case', especially ones that smell so good!

    25. These lightweight cotton towels are great and affordable if you need to stock up on ones for guests but don't want to splurge. It's a nice touch to make them feel at home.

    26. Make sure the essentials in your kitchen are easy to find with these tea, coffee, and sugar storage containers. These containers are all airtight and made with a bamboo lid.

    27. Double check that you have enough glasses for your guests. If you don't, these curved glasses are a great investment. They have an anti-spill design, which is perfect when your house is filled with people!

    28. If you have a room that can get quite chilly, try this draught excluder. It'll keep the breeze out, and your guests comfortable and warm.

    29. There's nothing more welcoming than Yankee Candle's cinnamon stick candle. This large candle burns up to 150 hours, and will fill your house with a warm, spiced aroma.

    30. This set of slipper socks are always a good idea to have in your home, especially if you have wooden floors. If your guests forget to bring any slippers, or their feet are feeling cold, these fluffy socks will warm them up!