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    28 Products For Your Garden That Will Put A Spring In Your Step

    Cheers to longer days!

    1. This garden kneeler is padded to offer you more comfort when you're gardening. It can also be transformed into a seat if you require something with a bit more height.

    2. Keep your tools in reach with this handy gardening belt that has multiple compartments.

    3. Get rid of any dandelions or other weeds with this tool that will pull them out from the root.

    4. Or if you require something that can be used further away from the ground, this long-handled weeder is the perfect tool for the job.

    5. Add some colour back into your garden with this eco-friendly seedbom that will grow vibrant wildflowers. Just throw it onto some soil, and watch how it blooms.

    6. These colourful hanging pots would be ideal for a fence or on a balcony if you have limited outdoor space.

    7. Start growing your own vegetables or flowers from seeds with this three-tiered portable greenhouse.

    8. If you have any plants or even a vegetable patch on the ground that you want to keep protected, this greenhouse planter is ideal. It has roll-up windows so you can easily access the plants too.

    9. This spray nozzle can be attached to your garden hose to make it easier to water your plants or your lawn. It has eight different modes, including a jet wash.

    10. It can be difficult to know exactly how hydrated your plants are, but this metre can be stuck into the soil and will let you know how moist it is.

    11. Or you can let these Miracle Gro moisture crystals do the work for you. These crystals will absorb any water and then release it when the plants need it.

    12. Start providing a safe habitat for small insects with this adorable-but-practical bug hotel!

    13. As the weather starts to get warmer birds will appreciate a place they can cool off, which is why this bird bath is the perfect addition to your garden.

    14. This clip-on table can be attached to your chair so your drink is always in reach!

    15. And these glass and bottle stakes are sure to be a talking piece at your next garden party!

    16. Use these freeze cups to keep your drinks cool (yup, even your wine!). The silicone band means they're still comfortable to hold no matter how cold they get.

    17. Make your own flavoured water or ice tea with this pitcher that has a handy infuser.

    18. Not everyone will have the outdoor space for a barbecue, so check out this George Foreman grill so you can cook up a storm.

    19. For a cooler treat, try these nifty ice lolly molds that have a lid to make sure they don't leak.

    20. Or you can treat yourself to this ice lolly set that has handles to avoid any sticky fingers.

    21. These extending roasting sticks are perfect for toasting marshmallows during those warmer evenings.

    22. This waterproof blanket may come in handy for any garden picnics, and it can be folded up into pocket-size for easy storage.

    23. And these waterproof cushion covers are a great way of making your outdoor space look a lot cosier while still being practical.

    24. Keep any kids entertained with these giant chalk crayons – and don't worry, they can be washed off!

    25. Save yourself from those annoying bug bites with these citronella tea lights.

    26. And why not display them in these minimalistic wooden tea light holders?

    27. If it's too late then this suction aid will remove the poison from a bug bite or sting and offer instant relief.

    28. Sit back, relax, and listen to these bamboo wind chimes which are perfect for enjoying the longer days!