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    30 Products To Get Your Home Looking Festive For Under A Tenner

    Prepare your home for the most wonderful time of the year!

    1. To spruce up your Christmas tree, check out this faux fur tree skirt. It's incredibly soft, and looks like a blanket of snow ready for your presents to sit on top.

    2. Decorate your tree from top to bottom with these hanging teardrop ornaments. They may be simple, but will make your tree glisten all Christmas.

    3. Don't forget the very top! This glittered tree topper is the perfect addition to any festive home. With such an intricate design, it's sure to impress your guests!

    4. These festive gnomes may be the cutest Christmas decorations I have ever seen.

    5. If your theme is more minimalistic, these wooden decorations are just as cute. Each decoration has tiny bells hanging from them, further adding to the charm.

    6. You can also get these Christmas scene ones! They're made with wood and glitter, making them sparkle under the lights.

    7. These golden pinecones are perfect for your tree or a Christmas garland. Each pinecone has rope attached so they're easy to hang.

    8. If you like this more natural aesthetic, these pinecone and twig fairy lights are a must-have. They give off a super cosy vibe in your home.

    9. Snowflakes are a Christmas classic, so it would be a disservice to the season if you didn't check out these battery-operated fairy lights. They have two modes – flashing or still.

    10. If you're a sentimental person then these photo string lights are just what you need. You can hang up to 20 pictures, cards, or even letters from your loved ones. Bonus points for if they're Christmas themed! It's a great way to ensure your loved ones are close to you, even if they aren't with you in person.

    11. For a Pinterest worthy aesthetic, try these cork string lights. If you have empty wine bottles over the festive period, instead of throwing them out you can add these lights for a magical effect.

    12. These hanging snowflake decorations are perfect to hang from your ceiling and especially impressive for any Christmas parties!

    13. I love fireplace decorations at Christmas, and this "Merry Christmas" banner is no exception. Each letter is an adorable stocking shape, and stitched by hand!

    14. Speaking of stockings, these mini ones are great for secret Santa or small stocking filler gifts!

    15. These winter animal figurines are great Christmas cake decorations, or can be used for creating a festive scene!

    16. If you're feeling creative you might want to add these stencils to your basket. You can use them to make your own Christmas cards, or spray them onto wrapping paper for a personalised touch!

    17. This reindeer and Santa bunting adds a festive touch to your child's bedroom as they wait for Christmas morning!

    18. Your windows deserve to celebrate the festivities too with these snowflake window stickers. No glue is needed, and you can reuse them.

    19. If you're looking to level-up your wrapping skills, these holly berry accessories will certainly help. They're easy to use and look so realistic!

    20. Swap out your cushion covers for these cosy Christmas ones. It's more affordable than having to buy a new set of cushions, and easier to store away after use.

    21. Yankee Candle's Christmas cookie scent is a winner every year and for good reason – this fan favourite can have your home filled with a sweet, vanilla scent. It may be small, but it still burns for up to 30 hours!

    22. If you're looking for a more traditional scent, this cinnamon spice candle has a lovely, warm aroma with hints of spiced apple. It's a wholesome festive favourite, and has a burn time of up to 40 hours.

    23. Christmas at my house means we always have tealights, so these candle holders are definitely being ordered! They're carefully crafted out of wood, with a festive bow wrapped around them. Imagine how amazing they'd look on a fireplace!

    24. We can't forget about the Christmas table, and this rose gold runner is surely a showstopper. It's super glittery and will definitely have people asking you where it's from!

    25. And the sparkle doesn't have to end there. These confetti snowflakes add some extra magic to your Christmas table, and can even be reused for craft projects.

    26. If you're expecting guests this Christmas, spread some festive cheer with these Santa hat glass toppers. They're great for some lighthearted fun at Christmas parties, and will definitely be a talking point!

    27. To avoid any mix-ups with drinks, these wine glass markers will help keep track for you. Each marker has a different, festive design, meaning it's easy for guests to identify their own drink!

    28. If you have any smaller areas you want to add some Christmas charm to, this miniature tree dome will do just that. The glass dome really does make it feel as if you're looking into a winter wonderland!

    29. A snowman wicker basket adds a cosy but practical vibe to your Christmas. It can be used to put all your festive treats in, like freshly made mince pies!

    30. To make sure Santa doesn't get lost on the way to your house, check out this Christmas door mat. It's non-slip and has an adorable festive design.