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    These 29 Feel-Good Products May Just Help Your Post-Holiday Blues

    It's giving sitting on the hotel room balcony before a night out vibes ✨

    1. If you never finished your holiday read, these leather heart bookmarks will keep your page.

    2. Or this Nessie bookmark is sure to bring a smile to your face.

    3. Garnier's 3-in-1 hair mask will leave your locks feeling nourished, healthy, and shiny.

    4. If you've been missing those refreshing holiday drinks, this pre-mixed Malibu with pink lemonade is certainly a treat.

    5. These shower steamers are filled with essential oils that will have you feeling as relaxed as if you're still sat by the pool.

    6. How can you not be filled with joy as soon as you lay your eyes on this bear toothbrush holder?

    7. De-puff and cool your skin with this Glow Cube. You can fill it with cucumber water and place it in the freezer for the ultimate treat.

    8. This novelty utensil set definitely doesn't need to *dig* for compliments.

    9. I adore this sun and moon book sleeve, and I think you will too! It's great if you like to take a book wherever you go but don't want the pages to get damaged.

    10. If you use an Apple Pencil regularly, this ergonomic grip can be placed on the device to offer more comfort.

    11. This woven tray would make the perfect coffee table centrepiece for your bits and bobs.

    12. I absolutely love how plush this flower cushion looks.

    13. For the ultimate stress-reliever, check out this swear word colouring book!

    14. I own one of these ceramic saucers and gave the others as gifts because they're just *that* cute.

    15. This tea infuser is just whaley happy to be of service.

    16. I think this Nessie sugar spoon is about to be your new bestea.

    17. Not only are these reusable chopsticks super useful, they look great too!

    18. Let me introduce you to Phil. As a wine stopper, Phil will keep your wine fresh for days after opening the bottle!

    19. This jewellery tray is as stunning as it is practical.

    20. Whether you're a successful plant parent or not, this turtle planter won't judge you.

    21. Keep any hot pans or plates off your kitchen surfaces with this polar bear trivet – I promise it doesn't mind.

    22. Treat yourself to a pamper night with this hydrating sheet mask from Garnier.

    23. And you can remove any dead skin or calluses from your feet with this peeling mask!

    24. Transport yourself back to your holiday with this Yankee Candle fragrance sphere. The scented beads will fill your home with a citrus, floral and vanilla fragrance that lasts for up to 30 days.

    25. Check out this exfoliating shower scrub that will leave your skin feeling as soft as butter.

    26. If your post-holiday nails are struggling, Sally Hansen's cuticle remover will dissolve any dead skin in just 15 seconds.

    27. Why not prepare for your next trip by adding these drawstring bags to your basket? They're ideal for storing shoes or dirty washing.

    28. Give your eyebrows a quick touchup with these facial razors.

    29. Check out these silicone brushes that are ideal for applying face masks or other messy skincare products. They're super easy to clean compared to bristled ones.