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    Spring Is Finally Here And It's The End Of Another Week, So These 26 Products Are Calling My Name

    Feel-good buys? Yes please!

    1. Now that the weather is slowly starting to brighten up, this lip oil is a perfect alternative to lip gloss as it's got all the shine without the stickiness.

    2. Enhance the appearance of your natural brows and lashes thanks to e.l.f's nourishing serum that's ideal for those no-makeup-makeup days.

    3. It's been a busy week, so cut out the faff of peeling vegetables with this nifty peeler that will catch the skin to make clearing up a lot easier.

    4. Speaking of vegetables, these ethylene-absorbing spheres will keep your fruit and veg fresher for longer.

    5. Check out this dandelion weeder that will help you to clear out any rogue weeds ready for your spring garden to take shape.

    6. How cute are these hanging planters? They're ideal for smaller gardens or balconies to add a pop of colour!

    7. Throw your hair back into an effortless pony thanks to these flower-shaped claw clips.

    8. No matter how chaotic our week has been, there are still chores to do. Not to worry, this Method shower spray will remove soap buildup and residue without the need to rinse.

    9. If, like me, you've noticed a few cobwebs clinging onto your ceiling, check out this extendable duster that'll get into every nook and cranny.

    10. Sunnier climes are on the horizon, and what better way is there to enjoy a road trip than with this Fanta Lemon air freshener?

    11. You deserve to relax, so invest in this ergonomic bath rest that will support your back, neck, and head.

    12. And why not treat yourself to these watermelon and mint bath crystals? They even come with an adorable lil' scoop.

    13. If you fancy a tipple, this Cactus Jack's watermelon flavoured schnapps sounds super refreshing.

    14. Pair it with this bubble glass, because what's the harm in upgrading your aesthetic?

    15. This levomenthol stick will offer instant relief for headaches. You also don't have to wait between applications.

    16. Pizza night anyone? This Joseph Joseph compact cutter will make those lazy meals even easier.

    17. If you fancy a sweet treat to enjoy with a cuppa, I recommend this iced cinnamon bun kit. It includes all the dry ingredients and baking tins for the ultimate scrumptious delight.

    18. These silicone baking mats will stop your food from sticking without the use of parchment paper or oil – AKA, less hassle washing up!

    19. Save yourself a trip to the salon thanks to this Eylure eyebrow tinting kit that will last for up to six weeks.

    20. I predict you'll love this mug warmer that will stop your brew from getting cold, no matter how busy you are.

    21. If it's been a stressful week then check out this mindfulness puzzle book.

    22. Sally Hansen's hand mask will soothe dry hands, instantly hydrating the skin.

    23. And this Cutex cuticle oil will hydrate the dry skin around your nails.

    24. Melt the week away from your face thanks to this gentle oat cleansing balm. It will deeply cleanse the skin without being too aggressive on more sensitive types.

    25. Give your makeup brushes a deep clean too thanks to this Isoclean spray that's currently viral on TikTok. It gets to work in just 60 seconds.

    26. Take your favourite book with you while on the go with this nifty book sleeve. It's ideal for when you want to make the most of the weekend but still want time to read!