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    If The Changing Weather Has Been Taking Its Toll This Week, These 26 Products Might Help You Feel A Bit More On Top Of Things

    This mix of snow, rain, and sun is not for me.

    1. If your houseplants are looking somewhat neglected, check out these food spikes that will release nutrients back into the soil.

    2. Stay on top of any daily or weekly tasks thanks to this to-do list pad. It also has a magnetic strip so you can stick it to your fridge.

    3. Re-hydrate and nourish your skin with this Hyaluronic Dream Cream. It'll strengthen your skin barrier as well as reducing any redness – plus, you can get 20% off your purchase with the code DREAM20.

    4. I know spring has yet to be sprung, but how cute are these glass straws with the flower detailing?

    5. If you're getting ready for the next big shop, this 'all out of' list lets you check off everything you need to stock up on.

    6. Allow yourself time to relax with this puzzle book that's ideal for mindfulness.

    7. Invest in this nifty cube timer to help you complete even the more mundane tasks. Each side has a different time, and whichever side is face down is how long the timer will be set for.

    8. No one wants to faff around with housework at the end of a long week, which is why this Dr. Beckmann toilet cleaner is so highly-rated. Just pop it in the bowl and let it work its magic.

    9. Keep your wardrobe organised no matter how many clothes you have thanks to these space-saving hangers.

    10. Prepare your lunch for being on the go with this tiered bento box. It also comes with its own set of reusable cutlery.

    11. If you're in need of some inspiration for after work meals, check out this recipe book that's filled with quick and easy ideas.

    12. Instead of dilly dallying with separating your laundry, check out these Colour Catcher sheets that allows you to chuck all your clothes into one load.

    13. Sweep away any crumbs or dust currently festering in between your laptop keys thanks to this OXO cleaning brush.

    14. Add this mail holder to your basket if you're tired of unopened letters cluttering your surfaces.

    15. These seven-day pill organisers are great for storing your daily tablets and vitamins.

    16. I don't want to call you out, but your makeup brushes are probably well overdue for a clean, so check out this silicone mat that will get into every last brush hair.

    17. These organisers will transform your drawers from a place of chaos into one of organisational bliss.

    18. This dishwasher magnet can be changed to 'dirty' or 'clean' so you don't accidentally load it twice.

    19. And this feeding reminder means that your pet won't get fed breakfast twice – not that they would complain.

    20. Check out these collapsible storage boxes that are ideal for hiding any bits and bobs out of sight.

    21. Add this shoe drip tray to your basket, so when it does spontaneously pour down at least you won't be traipsing mud through the house.

    22. If your drawers are currently not closing due to the copious box lids you have in there, check out this lid organiser.

    23. Keep your phone charged no matter where you are thanks to this Anker portable power bank.

    24. If the weather has caused havoc with your skin, these blemish-busting patches will extract all the gunk out of fresh spots.

    25. This roll-on levomenthol stick will ease any headaches or migraines. You can use it regularly without waiting a certain amount of time between applications.

    26. Finally, remove any dry skin from around your nails with Sally Hansen's cuticle dissolver that gets to work in just 15 seconds.