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    If You Always Throw Out The Instructions First, You’ll Love These 25 Easy-To-Use Products

    No more digging through the bin saying "wait, what did I need to do again?"

    1. This tooth strain remover is pretty self-explanatory, customers say it's easy to use and works a treat

    2. You don't even have to rinse this daily shower cleaner. Just spray onto the tiles and glass, and watch soap residue disappear!

    3. This plant pot has a disc at the bottom where water can collect underneath, releasing water to your plant whenever it's needed. It helped my neglected plant to thrive!

    4. Speaking of plants, this moisture metre will show you how much water is in the soil so you know if it's too dry or too wet.

    5. As adults we can all collectively agree that there is no escaping dust, which is why this Scrub Daddy damp duster is a must-have. The particles will cling to the sponge, meaning your home will be practically dust-free in no time.

    6. If you've noticed bits floating in your brew, it may be due to limescale buildup in your kettle. Just pop this descaler in your appliance and use as normal!

    7. Check out this reusable laundry egg that is filled with little beads that will clean your clothes without the need for any detergent.

    8. If you're as excited for autumn as I am, then these press-on plum nails are an easy manicure hack!

    9. Speaking of hacks, if you've never truly mastered winged eyeliner then check out this stamp that will do the work for you!

    10. De-fuzz your clothes or upholstery with this fabric shaver that will remove those annoying bobbles!

    11. Relieve headaches with this levomenthol stick that you roll onto the skin directly. Unlike other pain relief methods, you don't have to wait in between applications.

    12. This anti-blister stick has been my handbag essential recently. The balm reduces friction between the shoe and skin, so no rubbing and no blisters!

    13. Check out this spices and herbs infuser that will flavour your soups or broths without having to fish out any sprigs after cooking!

    14. This handheld spiralizer works great for any vegetables you're looking to turn into noodles!

    15. This ravioli tool set is perfect if you want to make your own pasta without the hassle.

    16. Get your jewellery dazzling once again with this cleaning pen that will remove any dust and grime!

    17. Display pictures on your wall damage-free with these Command strips.

    18. These blemish-busting patches will absorb impurities and help to heal your spots. They're super discreet too!

    19. These non-stick pans can join together, meaning you can flip an omelette, frittata, or a pancake in the knowledge that it won't go *splat* onto the floor!

    20. If your wardrobe is currently bursting at the seams, these space-saving hangers will fit multiple clothes on one.

    21. Clean up any rogue eyebrow hairs with these facial razors. They're great for removing peach fuzz too!

    22. Get into every nook and cranny when cleaning with this electric brush. It has four detachable heads for different jobs.

    23. Prevent the buildup of limescale in your loo with Dr. Beckmann's foaming toilet powder. Just pour the powder in, leave for ten minutes, and flush!

    24. This clip-on colander sits at the edge of your pan so you can easily drain water when cooking pasta or veg! It also comes with a clip-on funnel which is ideal if you need to carefully pour the liquid.

    25. Less mess equals less stress, which is why this tomato slicer is so handy to have!