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    Celebrate World Bee Day With These Products That've Got Us Buzzing

    We are called BUZZFeed for a reason...🐝

    On 20th May it is officially World Bee Day! It's a chance to acknowledge all the hard work our pollinating friends do, and to spread awareness of just how important looking after our bees is. We've selected a few products that we think you'll love to really get into the spirit! 🐝

    1. I don't think there is anything sweeter than this bumblebee rug!

    2. Upgrade your garden decor with these honey bee solar string lights.

    3. Keep your lips smooth and hydrated with this Burt's Bees lip balm set that would also be a great gift!

    4. If you spot a thirsty bee in your garden or when you're out, you can help revive them thanks to this keyring that contains a syrup to give them energy.

    5. Add this child-friendly book to your basket that's all about the life of a bee!

    6. Create more of a buzz in your garden with this pollinator seedbom. It contains a mix of seeds that will grow into colourful nectar-rich wildflowers that attract bees.

    7. Or, you can try this pack of meadow plant seeds if you're only looking to cover a smaller area!

    8. Impress your guests with this ceramic jug that would also look great as a vase.

    9. Dear all bakers, you hive to see this set of measuring spoons!

    10. Swap your cling film for these reusable beeswax wraps that can be washed after use.

    11. Warner's Honeybee gin was released in partnership with the Royal Horticultural Society to protect Britain's bees. It includes 28 botanical ingredients, including a dollop of honey!

    12. Okay, but this pair of earrings are un-bee-lievably cute!

    13. This Scottish heather honey looks delicious – save some for me!

    14. Can you get any fancier than having your own honey dipper?

    15. Even if you're a busy bee it's important to stay hydrated, so check out this reusable stainless steel water bottle.

    16. And when you finally have a moment to relax, say 'cheers' with this detailed glass tumblr!

    17. I'm definitely treating myself to this matching fine china mug for my brew!

    18. Get your home smelling delicious with this vanilla scented candle made from beeswax.

    19. This wax melt burner looks like a beehive, and I am buzzing with joy!

    20. Give any bees a place to rest and stay safe from predators with this adorable insect hotel.

    21. Treat yourself to these salt and pepper shakers!

    22. This reversible bedding set will definitely have you saying "honey, I'm home!"

    23. In my *bumble* opinion, you definitely need this set of storage canisters.

    24. There's no better way to show off how green fingered you are than with this Queen-bee hanging planter.