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    Here Are 19 Things That Guests Have Done In People's Homes That Made Them Go "WTF"

    "A friend of mine had his buddy house sit for his family, and he put up all the Christmas decorations in summer."

    Inviting guests to your house can be quite stressful at times, particularly if you want to make a good impression...

    However, sometimes the guests can be the tricky ones. So, when u/sodamnsleepy asked "what's something weird a guest did in your home and you didn't know how to react?" we decided to round up the best answers:

    1. "They put out their cigarette on the floor then got really, really mad when we asked them not to do it again."

    2. "A friend of mine had his buddy house sit for his family, and he put up all the Christmas decorations in summer."


    "The Australians are just sitting quietly in the corner…" 


    3. "He walked into the kitchen, turned the tap on, farted very loudly, turned the tap off, and walked back out like we didn't see or hear him let rip."


    "Wait, that doesn't work?!"


    4. "They let their child get red sauce all over my furniture, and then told me that I shouldn't have had red sauce pasta as an option for dinner at my home."

    5. "A family friend was staying at my house for the week. At the end of the week, my desktop was working real slow. After a brief look through of the history, I noticed two things. The amount of cartoon porn both viewed and downloaded was ridiculous."


    6. "There was this guy my husband and I had met once before, we invited him over to watch a movie with us (we were new to the city, trying to make friends), he said he’d bring pizza. He brought a half eaten pizza."

    "He asked to use our laptop (was on FB the whole time) and proceeded to fall asleep in our living room recliner during the movie. It was an odd encounter." 


    7. "I once had a guest throw out their poo wrapped in a garbage bag in my bathroom bin. I never said anything about it, I just emptied out the trash and sat down for a moment to try to process why someone would do such a thing."

    8. "I invited a guy over for game night. He comes in the house and I try to gain insight into why he's here so early. He says can't predict traffic and better to be early. He helps himself to a Coke without asking, and he then asks me what streaming services I have. He puts on Star Wars: The Clone Wars and starts watching."

    "He then asks for a snack so I get him one, and when everyone else arrives he whips out his own home made card game. We play the game until 9:00 pm on the dot. At which point he promptly stands up, proclaims he has to leave and does. Takes his game with him too of course. I still haven't recovered from this." 


    9. "I had a colleague turn up two hours early for a party once, and he brought his whole family. I didn’t know this guy that well but had opened the invitation to anyone at work who wanted to pop round. His kids didn’t play with mine and his wife barely spoke."

    "When the designated time for the party came around and other guests started arriving, they left. I’ve never invited them around since and the rest of the party had a good old chuckle about it when I explained what had happened." 


    10. "When my mom remarried, we had a small ceremony in our house and had a small spread of food. My aunt Rhonda ate a stack of ham easily two inches thick, got a second plate with the same, and ate all four of her kids' plates."

    11. "They brought their dog without notice and expected us to get rid of our cats out of courtesy for their dog who hates cats and wants to murder them, literally."


    12. "My friend's dad had to stay overnight as my friend had minor surgery and his dad drove him to and from the hospital. I came downstairs the next morning to see his dad completely nude. I don’t even know what I was supposed to do at that point."


    13. "They took money out of my change jar, went and bought milk with it, came back, and ate a whole box of my cereal. They came over to hang out the night before and crashed on my couch. All this happened while I was asleep."


    14. "I invited a work friend over after our shift and she asks if her new boyfriend can come too. Sure, no problem. We order sushi and crack some beers. He seems like a pretty normal guy, but keeps dripping all the soy sauce on the table."

    15. "My mother-in-law was coming to visit, and I saw her arrive. Instead of knocking on our front door she went in the backyard. I was so confused. I looked out back to see her going behind a bush and squatting."


    16. "I had a big summer party and someone left bowling pins in various locations around the house."


    17. "They started scraping a candle and proceeded to taste it to see if they could guess the flavour."

    18. "She came into my house from the rain and used my hairbrush to brush her dog."


    19. "She walked in with me while we were talking, and then without breaking conversation or eye contact she reached into my fridge, grabbed a can of soda, shook it up, put it back, and closed the fridge."

    H/T to u/sodamnsleepy and AskReddit for having this discussion!

    Note: All submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    Are there any other guest-related stories that you have? Let us know in the comments below.

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