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    Bid Your Plastic Bottles Farewell With These Shampoo And Conditioner Bars That Actually Make A Difference

    Wash your hair the eco-friendly way and prepare to be impressed.

    The amount of plastic waste our shampoo and conditioners create every year is pretty staggering when you think about it.

    But if we want to reduce our waste and care a lil' more for the planet, nope. shampoo and conditioner bars are the way to go! They strip away the synthetics and harsh chemicals you can find in your regular products to reinvent our hair routine.

    The bars are designed with quality hair care in mind, meaning you can say goodbye to those bottles for good. Their unique blend of plant-based oils and butters is the reason they excel in the plastic-free department.

    One bar will last you up to 80 washes which is around three months. So considering it's just £9 for one bar, you're definitely getting value for money.

    Each set is designed for different hair types and is packed with botanical ingredients that provide functional benefits depending on what your hair needs.

    'Into the Deep' is specifically designed for extra conditioning and thicker hair types. With the relaxing properties of lavender and the nutrients of seaweed, it will rebalance your scalp and strengthen your hair.

    It's especially good if you're looking to control oil production, dandruff, and unclog hair follicles to promote growth.

    For medium fine hair, the 'Argan Root' set will provide a smooth and soft finish by helping to tame any frizz. It's packed with vitamin E and omega fatty acids to nourish your hair.

    Or if you're looking to improve scalp health in medium fine hair, the 'Peppermint Refresh' set will get your scalp feeling tingly fresh! The peppermint oil will increase circulation and stimulate hair follicles to promote hair growth. It's also great for soothing an itchy, dry scalp.

    They have a circular design that increases the surface area contact with your hair, meaning it will be just as quick as washing with your regular shampoo!

    You can even treat yourself to the complete gift set which includes a shampoo bar, a conditioner bar, two travel tins, and a hemu wooden rack to place the wet bars so they can dry.

    If that's not enough to tempt you, nope. offers free shipping on every order and everything will arrive in biodegradable packaging! It's also completely vegan, plastic-free, and cruelty-free.

    So, if you're ready to make the switch check out their products for hair care that actually cares, and will make a bigger impact on you than on the planet!