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    24 Beauty Products To Help You Out When You're In A Rush

    Trying to do winged eyeliner last minute is an extreme sport, TBH.

    1. This moisturiser can be applied in the shower on wet skin, saving you from wasting those crucial few minutes waiting for your skin to dry.

    2. Use this anti-chafe bar so you can throw on your favourite skirt or shorts without worrying about any soreness caused by chafing.

    3. Let's be honest, we've all decided to have an extra few minutes in bed instead of washing our hair, so this Batiste dry shampoo will make that decision even easier.

    4. If you have washed your hair, this leave-in conditioner will keep your locks feeling smooth and hydrated throughout the day.

    5. This anti-frizz serum is ideal if you wake up with frizzy hair and need a go-to solution that doesn't take up time.

    6. Halve the time it takes to dry your hair with this quick blow dry spray. It reduces the friction when you blow dry your hair, helping to evaporate the water a lot quicker.

    7. Give your skin long-lasting hydration in seconds with Neutrogena's water gel moisturiser. It'll leave your skin feeling more supple and smooth.

    8. This e.l.f. poreless putty primer helps to blur any imperfections without clogging your pores, and is perfect for that quick no makeup-makeup look.

    9. Maybelline's brightening concealer is the ideal tool to quickly cover up dark circles or blemishes.

    10. This 2-in-1 cheek and lip stain from Burt's Bees saves you the panic of having to find multiple products. It's made from natural ingredients such as jojoba oil and coconut oil too.

    11. If you have enough time to do a quick eyeshadow look, these shield pads can be stuck under your eye to catch any product fallout so your skin makeup won't be ruined.

    12. And this colour removal sponge allows you to quickly get the product off your eyeshadow brush so you can switch between shades with no hassle.

    13. Revlon's eyeshadow stick will give you a shimmery eye look in seconds, and will last for up to 16 hours.

    14. Your makeup routine has never been simpler thanks to this winged eyeliner stamp. It will save you all the trouble of trying to get your eyeliner looking even.

    15. Give your lashes volume and length in seconds with this Maybelline lash sensational mascara.

    16. Don't worry about oily skin as Revlon's viral volcanic face roller helps to quickly absorb the oils in your skin and minimise shine. It can even be used whilst you're wearing makeup!

    17. Don't let those stray hairs stop you from achieving a sleek bun with this hair finishing stick. It helps to tame any flyaways, leaving you with a smooth finish.

    18. This set of facial razors will help to shape your eyebrows or get rid of any peach fuzz, without the pain or hassle of threading and waxing.

    19. Check out these blemish-busting patches that will not only help to cover your spot, but will also heal it by absorbing all of the impurities. They take less than a second to apply and you can leave them on while you go about your day.

    20. This multipurpose balm is actually pretty genius. It works as a lip balm, a skin primer, nail and cuticle moisturiser, and can even tame your eyebrow hairs.

    21. Give Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri top coat a try as once applied it will dry your nail polish in just 30 seconds.

    22. Or you can use this ultra-quick nail glue to apply false nails as it dries in just three seconds. You can also use it to fix any breakages in your natural nails.

    23. These hair scrunchies are great for quickly throwing your hair up, but they also have a hidden zip so you can store your lip balm, keys, or cash in there safely.

    24. Fix your makeup on the go with this miracle remedy sponge. It's the perfect size to fit in your handbag and will help to tidy up any eyeshadow fallout or creased concealer throughout the day.