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    26 Amazon Fashion Basics That You Can Wear In Summer Straight Through To Autumn

    They're ideal for the ever changing UK weather too! 🌦

    1. A sleeveless ribbed vest is a super versatile piece of clothing. It can be worn with skirts and shorts in warmer weather, and also used as a layering piece in colder months.

    2. This stunning polka dot wrap dress will make a statement during summer garden parties, or autumn get-together's.

    3. An oversized denim jacket just like this one can be paired with various outfits, and can also be used to layer.

    4. Sweater vests just like these adorable patterned ones are perfect for transitional weather, as you can wear it on its own or over a shirt.

    5. I love how comfortable this cropped hoodie looks!

    6. This midi knit skirt is perfect for casual or office wear depending on how you accessorise.

    7. If you're after something a little more appropriate for the evening, this silk slip skirt belongs in your basket!

    8. I predict you'll love this loose-fitting shirt dress that can also be tucked into a pair of jeans in cooler weather.

    9. A pair of these chunky hoop earrings will match your style no matter the season or outfit!

    10. This buttoned jumpsuit is super flattering and can easily make an appearance in every season.

    11. In my opinion, the ultimate piece in a capsule wardrobe is a bodysuit just like these lightweight cotton ones. The material is stretchy for comfort too!

    12. You can wear this knitted maxi dress during a summer evening, or add a jacket and boots in the autumn.

    13. You'll definitely be able to pull off these flared crochet pants in every season!

    14. Personally, I'd wear this half-zip pullover all year round.

    15. A good wardrobe staple is this rain jacket. It'll have your back for those sunny days that suddenly turn into showers!

    16. Or how about the timeless silhouette of this trench coat?

    17. This smart blazer is the ideal wardrobe basic to level up any outfit.

    18. Sometimes a comfortable round-neck jumper like this one, is all you need.

    19. Pair these dungarees with a T-shirt or a turtleneck jumper!

    20. Speaking of turtlenecks, this one comes in a variety of colours and the ribbed texture adds some extra detail.

    21. I'm not being dramatic when I say I would wear this oversized T-shirt every day if I could.

    22. This classic buttoned jumper can be both casual or smart due to the more tailored fit and flattering neckline.

    23. This long sleeved crew neck T-shirt is a wardrobe staple that you'll still be reaching for next year. It's ideal for wearing with a pair of jeans or used to layer.

    24. Speaking of jeans, these high-rise jeans sit at the top of the ankle for a more casual fit.

    25. I know it may seem *boring*, but this long cardigan is the ultimate cosy and practical buy.

    26. These tailored trousers are the ideal smart casual vibe, and the neutral shade means they can be paired with anything!