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    Amazon Prime Day Has Served Up Some Delicious Kitchen And Dining Deals That End Tonight

    They're as good as they look!

    Amazon’s Prime Day Sale is here! During 11th-12th October, Prime members will have exclusive early access to some amazing deals, and we’ll be rounding up all the very best ones! Here’s some of our favourite bargains:

    1. Breville's iced coffee maker has a cool discount of 44%.

    2. For hot coffee, check out this Delonghi capsule machine that's currently 63% off.

    3. These Joseph Joseph chopping boards will save you 46% and even have their own stand for storage.

    4. Or how about their nesting chopping boards that are 35% off?

    5. You can make a delicious, warming meal for less thanks to 37% off this Le Creuset casserole dish.

    6. If you prefer a shallower casserole dish, this one has a 45% saving.

    7. These heavy-duty oven gloves are 40% off and the towelled interior offers extra protection.

    8. Chop your vegetables with ease thanks to OXO's nifty device that is currently discounted by 33%.

    9. Check out this angled measuring jug for 31% off. It's designed so that you don't have to crouch down just to read the measurements.

    10. This five-piece pan set is both non-stick and down by 44% – what's not to love?

    11. Save 52% on this Joseph Joseph bread bin that doubles up as a chopping board.

    12. Russel Hobbs' cordless kettle is ideal if you're always moving your kitchen setup around. It's currently a whopping 56% off too.

    13. Save 47% on this kitchen compost bin that's designed for food waste. The ventilation will absorb any moisture and odour.

    14. Organise your utensil drawer with this cutlery tray that's down by 31%.

    15. Keep dry foods fresh thanks to this airtight, space-efficient storage container that's 33% off.

    16. You can also stop your favourite biscuits from going stale with this 32%-off cookie jar.

    17. Nab this Morphy Richards bread maker while it's 38% off!

    18. There's 61% off this spice organiser that comes with 16 spice jars – what a steal!

    19. It's soup season, so why not grab this hand blender while it's 49% off?

    20. Save space and money with these Joseph Joseph nesting measuring cups. Psst..they'll save you 33%!

    21. How handy is this cheese grater that has a detachable catch-all box? It's currently 31% off.

    22. Any aspiring or experienced baker is sure to appreciate the 56% discount on this standing Kenwood mixer.

    23. This adjustable silicone trivet will protect your surfaces from hot plates and pans. It can be all yours for 31% off.

    24. Save a respectable 23% on this NutriBullet while you still can.

    25. Add this 4-in-1 snack maker to your basket for 36% off it's price tag. It includes a waffle maker, panini press, sandwich toaster, and omelette maker.

    26. Joseph Joseph's kitchen sink washing-up bowl will save you 31%.

    27. And their stainless steel tongs are designed to elevate off the counter so it doesn't touch the surface. They're down by 27%.

    28. Invest in this three-tier steamer set that will save you 29%.

    29. These Denby pasta bowls currently have a 39% saving!

    30. Save 35% on these dishwasher-safe wine glasses.

    31. If you're in need of some new cutlery, this 16-piece set is down by 36%!

    32. Get cosy and check out this useful (and compact!) soup maker that will save you a generous 42%.

    33. You can make a 31% saving on this five-piece knife set that comes with its own chic-looking block to store them in.

    34. I love these rainbow ramekin dishes, and with 27% off I predict you will too.

    35. These stackable snack pots are ideal for on the go, and will save you 37%.

    36. Make a 25% saving on these electric salt and pepper mills.

    37. If you're short on space then you might want to make the most of the 47% discount on this kitchen tool carousel set.

    38. Make life a little easier with this automatic wine opener that will also vacuum seal to preserve freshness. It's currently down by 22%.

    39. It would be rude not to grab this deep fat fryer with its 33% discount.

    40. Keep your food fresh thanks to these vacuum-sealed containers that will save you 31%.

    41. The 36% discount on this Morphy Richards slow cooker is calling my name.

    42. Carving your roasts can be a lot simpler thanks to this 20%-off Joseph Joseph cutting board. It has an integrated meat grip on one side, and the edges are slightly raised to catch any juices.

    43. Quickly tear off your kitchen roll without getting messy fingers on it thanks to this nifty holder that's down by 25%. Just push the top down and a tear a sheet off!

    44. Shop these Joseph Joseph nesting containers for 48% off their price tag.

    45. It's the perfect weather for movie nights, so why not enjoy a 41% discount on this popcorn maker too?